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    Not seen any yet
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    I've dabbled in the past. I always used to start grandiose solo projects and then burn out after a few months. Last project was almost 10 years ago and it was a large recruit em' up, like Suikoden.
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    Timeline switches are kind of a pain to keep track of if you're working through a branching narrative and trying to make swappable party members is harder to program than I had expected.
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    Oh nice! RPG Maker for the PC or storybuilding for a tabletop RPG?
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    RPing is super fun and I like your character. I'm sure you'll do fine. Your opening post was good.

    The trick is to try and keep track of what your character knows in the world vs. what you know as a player. I think we'll all have a good time. I've been doing RP stuff for over 10 years so let me know if I can ever be of help
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    Oh snap, it always rocks meeting a fellow overlord!
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    Heyo, friend-o! Looking forward to chatting more and getting to run through that Undead Unicorn RP together.

    Here's to good times!
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    How are ye? I haven't met you before...I'd say welcome to AL but looks like youve been here a year already lol
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    Howdy Fate
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    heys Fate
  11. Well you know what they say? You never forget your first.... yay!!!
  12. Hello and welcome to animeleague ^_^

    Yay! I'm first to welcome you and to be your first friend, yay!!
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You're reading a bio ? Good you're not the type to add a friend just to up a count. I'm starting to like you already. I'm just a dood (prinny humor) th at's into anime obviously and old school RPGs. I'm a huge Persona fanatic haha. I'm not really one to initiate when it comes to making friends so I'm sometimes feel awkward. That said once I get to know somebody I can talk quite a bit. I don't have many that understand my enjoyment of anime near by so hoping to change that here :) ! Anyway nice to meet you! Also quick note I'm heavily visually impaired with lights so kinda slow typing skill sorry haha
Favorite Anime: Would all of them count? No? Ummm ok... lol the list would take me hours well if I had to narrow the field down Haganai, World God Only Knows, Code Geass, are some that I keep going back to so you can guess my range in genre. and I've yet to find a Ghibli film I didn't like.
Eastern US
anime, old school RPGs (Persona and Disgaea fanatic)


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