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    by Published on 03-18-2015 09:41 PM
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    Hello Anime League-rs ^_^

    As per tradition we will be carrying on the fashion show at London Anime & Gaming Con on Sat 4th July - Now called the 'Harajuku Fashion Show' Why? Because it's all about creativity and putting your on twist on fashion trends.

    What we are looking for:
    *Models - styling ...
    by Published on 11-23-2013 02:06 AM
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    Welcome to Literature & Writing's Story Advent Calendar!

    Attachment 19612

    In Literature & Writing, we are going to prepare for Christmas by preparing a very special Advent Calendar for everyone in Animeleague - a Christmas story that shall be told one chapter at a time, the first one becoming available on the 1st of December and the final piece being published on the 24th. Signups are open now and close on the 24th, so if you want to take part, join in on the fun as soon as possible so we can get a head start on this! ^_^

    I want to take part! But how does this work?Well hun, it's simple; after all the participants have been gathered, we will make a list of the writing order. Requests are taken into consideration, of course! The person whose turn it is to add to the story will send her or his piece to @Noirre , who then compiles the story together, sends the pieces forward to those that are next in line in the writing line up and makes sure the chapters are posted on time during December. You just need to write!

    Speaking of writing… As everyone will only have one (yes, 1) day to write their addition, we'll try to keep this short and fun, so everyone is asked to keep their addition to 1 A4 page maximum. I know I know, I will find that hard as well, but this is to make sure everyone has enough time to react. There is no required length however, so if your addition is only a couple of lines, that is fine. The main point of this is to have fun!

    If we get 24 people to participate, then everyone will have only one writing turn. If we get less, you can say how many writing turns you are willing to take.

    Any questions or suggestions, fire away!
    by Published on 09-19-2013 05:50 PM
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    Following the craziness that was ALCon, we at Cosplay Central are aiming to continue the cosplay stage events with our new events here on the forums.

    The Cosplay Blind Date

    First up, we have the Cosplay Blind Date. During ALCon 2013, on the main stage on Saturday, we saw the Cosplay Blind Date take place. Featuring a large number of contestants across multiple rounds, many match-ups were made, some normal, some not as normal, and one featuring a zombie.
    The aim is to continue this in a forum based manner.

    A quick overview of how it works;

    • Each game consists of a host, a dater and 3 datees.
    • The game will run for 3 rounds (3 questions for each datee)
    • All datees will be using alternate accounts to as per the blind aspect of the game.

    So come and take part, it's going to be a lot of fun! Sign ups and full rules are found here:

    The Epic Cosplay Adventure

    Next up is the Epic Cosplay Adventure! The Epic Cosplay Adventure was a stage event at ALCon 2013, hosted by Little Kuriboh and BrentalFloss, pulling willing, cosplaying volunteers onto the stage to take part in a variety of crazy activities suggested by the audience. It was a lot of fun for all involved, and for those that witnessed the spectacle

    Rules for this game are as follows:

    • Teams will be made of 4 people per side, with 2 teams per game (Subject to change depending on the number that sign up)
    • Each game will be 4 rounds long
    • Each game will feature a variety of weird and wacky challenges
    • The winners of each round will receive 750 credits and a forum icon for their profile, and there will even be larger prizes up for grabs from time to time

    You can sign up here, with the game masters being SWAG Girl (Jess, who ran the game at ALCon) and Drifter (Rob, Cosplay Centrals head moderator);

    Whats happening around the section

    A quick note on some changes within the section:
    First off I would like to welcome our two new moderators; Melmo and GrayFullbuster, who have joined the Cosplay Central staff alongside pendragon01 and Drifter.

    Next up, two new 'Hub Threads' have been created, to ease access around the section.
    The first of these is the main hub, full of links to the staff list, commission information, cosplay guides and other useful info. That thread can be found here:

    The second is a list of events, both on an offline, that CC members will be present at in some capacity. It also contains links to the events listed above, as well as many more. That can be found here:

    Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you around in Cosplay Central!
    - The Cosplay Central Staff Team
    by Published on 09-16-2013 12:52 AM
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    These battles are anonymous. You must PM your entry to @LW Submissions Captain for them to count.
    Any entries posted in this thread will not count for submission.

    It is encouraged that you clearly state 'WoM'/Writing of the Month as the title of your PM just to make it easier to find.

    Writing of the Month!

    Writing Form: Fable
    Theme: Mythology
    Requirements: Pressure Test - Time Constraint

    For this Pressure Test Myth Fable Writing of the Month, you must use your time wisely to create a Mythological Fable to tell a short story of your creation within two weeks. No late submissions will be accepted. This mythology fable must use mythical people, like gods and or goddess, nymphs etc while providing a fable "lesson" by the end. Both writing types/styles are different in their own standards and you are being challenged to create your own Mythical Fable to glorify both as a unit.

    Deadline is September 25th EDT
    Voting: September 26th - September 30th.
    Next WoM goes up October 1st.


    Write something new not originally posted/submitted in L&W
    Make entries that fit the challenge.
    Follow AL rules and L&W Rules.
    Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

    First Place Prizes
    2,000 Credits
    A WoM Badge
    Newsletter Article Interview

    Second Place Prizes
    1,500 Credits
    Newsletter Article Mention

    Third Place Prizes
    1,000 Credits

    All Other Entries
    750 Credits

    Other Things
    Please have fun and try your best!
    by Published on 06-08-2013 08:39 AM
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    A&M is celebrating summer with a good sense of humor! Why not join us for some fun?

    ~Anyone is eligible to participate! (Excluding the A&M Moderators)

    ~From the three images below, you may enter a funny saying that corresponds with the situation going on in the picture.

    ~Submissions should be posted here (in this thread) as well as the number (1, 2, or 3) of which image they are captioning. Please do not quote the images.

    ~Multiple attempts for all the images are welcome (even encouraged) but only one winner will be decided for each image.

    ~You can only be chosen to win a single image (despite trying for the others too).

    ~Please keep in mind of forum rules.


    ~After submitting your captions, sit back, enjoy the summer sun and wait 'til June 16th for the winners to be announced. (Submissions close on June 15th.)

    ~A&M Moderators will decide the winning captions (privately amongst ourselves) and our three victors are going to have some prizes headed their way.

    ~Winners receive 2,500 credits, a shiny awards badge commemorating this event, and will be featured in the summer edition of A&M's awesome newsletter!

    Image #1

    Image #2

    Image #3

    So without further adieu, start thinking up some captions and let the laughs begin!
    by Published on 05-19-2013 01:25 AM
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    I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting our first DOTA 2 gaming tournament on AL!

    Here is the rundown. We were graciously provided with two Steam game keys for the new game Strike Suit Infinity created by Born Ready Games. What is Strike Suit Infinity you ask?

    Quote Originally Posted by Game Description
    In Strike Suit Infinity, players fight to stay alive as long as possible against a never-ending army of enemies, with the intention of surviving each round and climbing as high up the leaderboards as possible. Each round is comprised of numerous waves of enemies, which get progressively harder.

    In order to reach the top of the leaderboard, players will need to successfully chain their scoring to increase their score multiplier. The multiplier will decay however, so players must maintain rhythm while quickly despatching enemy ships.

    Between rounds, players can use credits earned during combat to purchase reinforcements. Reinforcements range from Interceptors and Fighters all the way up to Cruisers and Frigates – challenging players to make strategic choices to get to the top of the leaderboard.

    The ship designs in the game are from the renowned Mechanical Design engineer Junji Okubo. The Japanese artist is known for his work for games such as Infinite Space, Steel Battalion and Appleseed.

    The music in the game is a collaboration between the Canadian award-winning composer and sound designer Paul Ruskay, especially known for his work for the space strategy game series Homeworld, and Japanese singer/songwriter Kokia, who also contributed music to Tales of Innocence and Origin: Spirits of the Past. The result is a great soundtrack which intensifies the gaming experience.
    Sounds pretty awesome right?

    Being that we are the VG Section, all of us here behind the scenes figured it would be an awesome idea to distribute the two provided keys to those who can prove their mettle in a VG tournament! The game that was chosen for this tournament is the popular game called Dawn of the Ancients 2, or DOTA 2 as it is more affectionately known.

    The tournament rules and info are as follows:

    1. Teams will consist of two players each, and will face off against another pair.
    2. The game mode of each match before the finals will be determined by the participants before each match from a set list of possible game modes. Those unable to decide will have their match set to All Random.
    - The possible game modes are All Pick, Single Draft, All Random, & Mid Only.
    3. To win the match, you need to overcome your opponents and destroy your opponents' ancient.
    4. The tournament will be decided in a bracket format, with a qualifier during the week beforehand if there are an ample number of signups.
    5. All matches must be witnessed by a tournament official (K7Sniper or Angelic Prime, more officials may be added before the official start).
    6. There is currently no ban on any specific character choice, though this may change before the tournament begins.
    7. Each team will be allowed one medium-level CPU teammate that will be chosen by random. The CPU teammate may be removed if both teams wish.
    8. The final round will be an All Pick - Mid Only match, with no CPU teammates.
    9. The tournament is single elimination, with the exception of the finals.
    10. The winning team will receive one game code for each teammate. The runners up will both receive 15,000 credits each if they are on AL.

    Signups will be held this week, and being that there are actual prizes being awarded, SIGNUPS WILL BE CLOSED WHEN I WAKE UP ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 22ND (AROUND 6 AM EST). So, you have an entire week to prepare and practice before then. Any qualifiers will be scheduled Thursday-Saturday before the tournament, with the final bracket beginning at 11 AM EST on SUNDAY MAY 26TH.

    To sign up, simply post here with your team name and your members (AL names and their steam handles). I will keep an official list here in this topic, and only teams listed here will be allowed to participate. We will cap the number of teams at 8. Any additional teams will be added to the list as a fill-in replacement for the qualifying rounds only (The quarterfinals, to be technically correct). If a team fails to make it to any qualifier, I will go down the list of fill-ins for a replacement. If there is still no opponent, then that squad will be automatically advanced. If any team fails to show up for their match in the final four bracket or the finals, they will advance. If someone for some reason doesn't show up for the final round, then the losing semifinal teams will battle for a place, and the tourney will become a double elimination (meaning that the one who made it normally only needs to win one game, while the losing semifinal teams will need to win 2 to win it all). If we fail to reach 8 teams, those who are available will play against each other until the top 4 teams can be determined, perhaps via a round-robin system.

    Many matches will be recorded via Twitch TV, and DOTA 2 contains a pretty good spectator mode as well. If you don't have a copy of DOTA 2 and wish to participate, contact either K7Sniper or Angelic Prime, and we will try to accommodate you with one of the free keys we have. There are a limited number, so first come first serve.

    Also, all participants need to have K7Sniper on their friends list on Steam in order for quick communications.

    So, to recap...

    WHEN: Sunday May 26th, 11 AM EST (4 PM GMT)
    WHERE: On Steam in the game DOTA 2
    PRIZES: Two (2) game codes for the new game Strike Suit Infinity, created by Born Ready Games

    With all that being said, if you are interested in signing up, post here with the team information or PM K7Sniper.

    Current Team List
    by Published on 05-09-2013 12:19 AM
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    Welcome to AL's Official Signature of the week contest.

    This week's theme is: Predetermined Render

    This week's challenge is to use the following render in your entry. Other than that, it's freestyle! Have fun!

    Remember that you must vote in any available battles in order to participate.

    Available Battles:
    • None

    Rules & Guidelines:
    • These battles will be completely anonymous. You must PM your entries to @Velveeta for them to count. Any entries posted here will be disqualified, though you're welcome to make another one.
    • You MUST mark the number of the AOTW/SOTW in your PM. Title it something like "SOTW #whatever entry", or use the nifty PM button at the bottom of this post. Otherwise, we can't keep track of them.
    • Voting will commence from the deadline date to the end of the week (one week). 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be announced, and 1000, 500, and 250.
    • If you win first place, your work will also be displayed in this thread for everyone to admire, AND you will receive the prestigious SOTW award, which will be displayed under your username.
    • All entries must fit the theme provided.
    • Previously made pieces are NOT allowed.
    • If you upload your entry to photobucket, please insure your AL username is NOT in the URL!
    • Follow AL Rules (maximum 800 pixels in width, 300 pixels in height)
    • If you enter a vertical sig it can be no wider than 300px and no taller than 500px!

    Deadline is May 11, 2013, by 12:01AM EST

    Posting Rules For This Thread
    This is really simple. If you break any of the rules listed below your post will be deleted without warning, and if you keep it up you will get an infraction.

    • No campaigning. This means, no telling people to vote for you. This is an ANONYMOUS competition. People caught doing this here, anywhere on the boards, or even via off-board communications (Skype, AIM, etc.) will be disqualified.
    • Keep It Friendly. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. All AL rules will be enforced. Participants engaging in trashtalk will be ejected from the competition. Multiple offenses may result in being banned from future competitions as well.

    Alright, that's it. Start Photoshopping/GIMPing/MSPainting!

    by Published on 05-07-2013 04:50 AM
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    AnimeLeague Awards are going down! Nominations happening now, so get your nominations in before the thread ...
    by Published on 05-07-2013 04:41 AM
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    AnimeLeague Awards are going down! Nominations happening now, so get your nominations in before the thread closes on May 13th!

    As Always there are some Basic rules to nomination your favorite people on AL.
    Basic Rules

    1. A maximum of three nominations per category. Anymore and we'll only accept the first three.
    2. You can nominate in as many or as few categories as you like.
    3. Username must be their current username or one we easily recognise. If we can't find it, we may not take the nomination.
    4. No topics asking for nominations please! It leads to allegations of unfairness!
    5. No baiting, flaming, causing drama, or saying for instance "everyone sucks except x". Having a strong opinion is fantastic, just be respectful about how you express it.
    6. Please be sensible and thoughtful in how you nominate - nominations which have nothing but one or two people on them will be rejected. If we suspect an alt we also won't count it.
    7. Banned members, members on probation or members who have left are not eligible.

    Get Your Nominations In Now! Click Here to place your nominations!

    See you at voting time!
    -Front Page AL Staff
    by Published on 04-23-2013 10:56 PM
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    Staff & Assistant of the Month
    Nomination Time!

    March Assistant & Staff of the Month Nominations are up.
    Now is a great opportunity to tell us who you feel deserves the March Award(s).

    You don't have to be a scheme leader to decide any longer. Now, Staff and Assistants can vote for other staff and assistants. However, that's not all, any member can nominate a staff or assistant, more than one. The only catch is, you must provided at least one sentence as to why you think the individual(s) of your choice should receive the March Nomination award for it to count.

    Eligible Candidates:

    Staff for Staff of the Month Only.
    Assistants and Staff for Assistant of the Month.

    To be Eligible for Assistant of the Month, you must sign up to become an assistant and work for at least one scheme. Work hard and you will be recognized.

    Your voice matters, so regardless of your title, nominate those workers you feel should get recognized!

    For any questions or concerns please contact Ttosk, the Head Moderator of Entrance Hall and Runner of the Nominations!

    If you'd like to Nominate for March's Staff and Assistant of the Month, please click here.
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