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    by Published on 04-17-2013 08:58 AM
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    The time has come to check out the entries in Drawing of the month and cast you vote and comment on the entries.

    Please check it out at http://www.animeleague.net/forum/sho...-Voting-time!!
    by Published on 02-08-2013 06:16 PM

    The Champagne Room is a New RP clan for the 18+ (gore, violence, bad language and sex can be expected) as well as already listed threads member are more them welcome to start their own up. You can chill and relax in a friendly social area that welcomes both casual and more serious RPers. As well as RPing zones you will also find places to get support and time for character creation, tips on actions during RPs.

    Our preset RPs Zones are:

    Clockwork Lights (dystopian/steam punk RP)

    Langhard is an old City a remnant of humanities Golden days, from long before the fall, before the dream and nightmare return to earth. Though much of the old technologies that relied on nuclear reactor have now been replace by clock work mechanism and simply steam power.

    It has been 200 years since the human empire fell in the Cataclysm, now Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Undead and whole manner of other creature humanity once feared in dreams and nightmare returned to take their place back on the world. Humanity have faded completely there is still a large enough population to sustain itself across the world.

    Langhard is a one of the largest port cities in the work, home to 23 million citizens from all races and walks of life, busy for trade, religion knowledge resurrection and military. As once of the City states on the continent once know of Europe, what mysteries down it crypts hold on it past? What was its name before Lord Langhard took stewardship? May you will find answers here, maybe love, or your own death.

    All but Ice (sci-fi)

    The Galaxy is small, thatís what humanity though until the Ix came, they brought knowledge, wealth, power and the Galaxy to humanities finger tips. It was a Mistake, no soon did humanity take is first steps into the Galaxy did they come across the Dalíka, and nothing was ever the same.

    A million systems now lie burning, where alliance stood battling and bickering factions remain. Is wasnít Mankindís fault they went out seeking Peace, but the Dalíka had other idea for humanity, to use the uniform diversity of the new species as a weapon, the turned humanity in to the greatest most adaptable fighting force to exist, and they were for hire now.

    The Dalíka sowed chaos and disarray to the Galaxy starting wars and selling humanity to the highest bidder. It took them a while to get humanity to this position though near 800 years have past the since first contact, and 600 years since contact with the Dalíka, almost all of humanity belong the them now, only the Sol system and a few other colonies remain hidden with the Aid of the Ix, and they seek to make things right with the Ixian allies, humanity is divide, and war is coming to ear as the Dalíka learn of the Homeworld.

    Can the Ix and Terran Alliance reforge the Galaxy or with the Dalíka shatter it all in the name of profit? Will you join humanity and rebel against the Dalíka or join one of the countless races of the Milk way to restore order?

    More Preset RPs maybe added further down the line.


    Please note that anyone can join, whether you have RPíd before or not, whether youíre a hard core in character person or casual type all are welcome here. Please respond to this thread with the following information, and once approved you will be added to the clan.

    Ages (may say over 18, but is required):
    Level of RP (beginner, intermediate, advanced):
    Style (fantasy, modern, futuristic, etc):

    @Killer Kitty


    @Stiletto Kitty
    by Published on 01-31-2013 03:37 PM
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    Hello, I thought its about time for something a little different, so I was looking around the forums and with a little help I came across a new clan, The Freelancers. I felt obliged to share my discovery with you all and help promote the clan a little bit.

    The Freelancers is a great a new clan that formed on 30-Nov-2012 and is dedicated to the decision of anything Anime and Manga related, Including new release, both in Japan and the UK. As well as older releases, covering everything from mainstream titles to the more obscure. In addition The Freelancers are also support the Anime & Manga Section with new topic threads and events.

    If you are interested please sign up here at The Freelancers and start taking part in the discussions, sharing your point and views on things.

    The Clan is lead by Rukia a long standing member of Anime League and a former Mod.
    by Published on 01-21-2013 05:59 PM  Number of Views: 612 
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    Some things comes around pretty quick one such thing in the New Year, and with the New Year the announcements for the Anime League Video Games Awards 2012 Winners! I know it doesn't seem that long ago we were making our nominations, this was back on Boxing Day last year, and time really does fly by, as the nominations soon closed on the 12th of Jan. Then we were all voting for which games and publisher we wanted to take the top spots in each category which were:

    Game of the year
    Best 360 Game
    Best PS3 Game
    Best Wii/WiiU Game
    Best PC game
    Best RPG
    Best Action Game
    Best Sports Game
    Best Fighting Game
    Best Handheld Game
    Best MMO
    Best Downloadable Game
    Greatest Disappointment
    Biggest Surprise
    Biggest Fail
    Best DLC
    Best Story
    Best Soundtrack
    Best VG Company
    Worst VG Company
    Most Anticipated Game (One to watch for)

    This all said and done I pretty eager to see the results myself, and of course there is the question do you agree? Do you disagree? Have these awards changed your opinions? Why not join the discussion in the Anime League Vdeo Game Awards 2012 Winner Announcement thread.

    by Published on 01-20-2013 06:27 PM     Number of Views: 499 
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    EZ January and February Events

    With a new year comes new events and just like the rest of the forum Entertainment Zone is also running events throughout the first two months.

    The first is the EZ Awards, with nominations beginning on the 18th January closing on 22nd January. Nominations can fall under Movie, Books, Music, Sport/Activities and Television shows, each one in turn being broken down further into subcategories. Anyone can make nominations so please head over to EZ Award Nominations. Once all nominations are in then voting will commence on 23rd January with winner being announce on 28th January.

    The next even are relation to major sporting events one for Wrestling then the next on the Super bowl, the betting threads will open roughly one week in advance of the events. For the betting, those are the only two events planned right now. It will be pretty much anything major or that members are showing interest in.

    On February 1st, our Art Showcase will begin which is our third. The basic idea here is that weekly or biweekly a thread will be created about a piece of art. This will rotate between famous works and pieces submitted by GFA. Then, we will spend time discussing that artwork. We aren't all art students, so there's no need to feel like you need to give an in depth, technical view though you can if you're up to it. We just want to expose ourselves to more things, broaden the horizons of EZ. Hopefully we'll learn something along the way and have a lot of fun too.

    There's info about the art showcase here. It will actually be done with help from MCA and GFA, alternating between famous works and member pieces.
    Published on 01-06-2013 02:21 PM
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    His & Her Circumstances by Azoth
    Length: 26 Episodes
    Date of Release: 1998
    Director & Screenplay: Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

    If the idea of being deceitful and pretending has any appeal, then this story may wet your 'romance' appetite in many ways.

    'His & Her Circumstances- a.k.a. Kare Kano is an interesting high school romance story that centres around Yukino Miyazawa who feels absolute pleasure at being praised by her fellow students, family and teachers. In essence she is rather vain, enjoys being the best at everything and has to look the best for every occasion. That is, at least on the outside, to her classmates and everyone else.

    At home it is a completely different story.

    You could say she is rather lazy, doesn't care about her appearance and just loves to relax on her days off.

    "But doesn't that sound like most people these days?" I hear you ask.

    The issue here isn't so much the fact that she is perfect at school and outside, and not so perfect at home, but her personality changes drastically as to avoid conflict entirely and therefore 'lying and deceit' is the name of the game.

    Fans of Hideaki Anno, who so famously had a big part to play in the creation of Neon Genesis Evangelion, were shocked when he did the impossible and changed gears to delve into the world of this High School romance. Anno even went as far as interviewing students in and around high school in Japan when this title was being adapted. Yes, unfortunately this was not an in-house project, but there were some amazing scenes that gave 'His & Her Circumstances' a fresh spin on an otherwise normal story.

    Sadly this director didn't last very long and was removed after episode 18, after which there were one or two painful fillers, but otherwise the story is interesting in every way.

    In short, when Yukino meets Souichirou Arima, who manages to upstage Yukino in academics and in a few other areas, you really start to see the sparks fly. That is... especially after he visits her house...

    Being the best in everything often means that if someone better comes along, you wouldn't know how to handle it. You would think Yukino would have handled it with absolute grace, but once the obstacle known as Souichirou Arima becomes larger than life, there were only two options for her:

    1. Ignore and do better.
    2. Show your true colours.

    What path did Yukino choose?

    Why not watch it and find out.
    by Published on 01-03-2013 10:01 AM
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    Poem of the Month #8 - VOTING

    It come around quick from entry to voting doesn't? I was too distracted by many other things to of entered this time round but please go and check out the entries, leave comment and vote.

    There are five entries this time round, and they are are very good.

    Please check it out at http://www.animeleague.net/forum/sho...Month-8-VOTING
    by Published on 12-19-2012 09:06 AM
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    Community Spotlight: Anime & Manga - Favourite openings/endings

    I thought I would take a small moment of time to bring some attention to a thread in the Anime and Manga section on the forums that I visit quite a bit as it always cheers me up. The thread is the Anime opening and closing Titles music thread located here: http://www.animeleague.net/forum/sho...enings-endings

    Itís a great way to get into Japanese music and a lot of it is quite surprising good and incredibly catchy, well I think so anyway. It covers a few genres from JPop to JRock and also some jazz, in particular Cowboy Bebop and Baccano are examples of that.

    So do you have certain opening or closing credit tunes that you enjoy? One that have made into I to regular play list on your MP3 play? Why not got there and share it with other and join in the discussion. You may also find new anime to watch as well!
    by Published on 12-10-2012 02:27 PM
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    These battles are anonymous. You must PM your entry to @Reine for them to count. Any entries posted in this thread will not count for submission.
    It is Requested that you clearly state 'PoM'/Poem of the month in the title of the PM just to make it easier to find.

    Poem of the Month!

    This Month's Theme is the Prompt: Paranormal Winter Wonderland

    All entries must take place in a winter setting and must have a paranormal element. Since Santa Claus is not real, then yes he can be a paranormal element. As is the magical wishing well that froze over, the Demon lurking outside looking to find a warm place to bunk down outside of the storm, the Ice Maiden who wanted to start the next Ice Age, Evil Elves, Elvis sightings during a blizzard in Las Vegas, Rudolf the Red nosed reindeer was a cannibal who got blood on his nose... The sky is the limit (your entry can be during New Year's so long as it still has a winter element)

    Deadline is December 21th EST
    PoM #7 Voting: December 22nd to December 31st.
    PoM #9 goes up January 1st.

    Dos & Don'tsDo make entries that fit the theme
    Don't post pieces previously posted/submitted in L&W
    Do follow AL rules
    Don't worry about length.

    First Place Prizes
    2,000 credits to spend on CeeCee
    A pretty sparkly badge thingy
    My undying love and affection

    Second Place Prizes

    1,500 credits to spend CeeCee
    A Pretty sparkly badge thingy
    My undying love and affection

    Third Place Prizes

    1,000 credits to spend on CeeCee
    A pretty sparkly badge thingy
    My undying love and affection

    All Other Entries

    750 credits to spend on CeeCee
    My undying love and affection

    Other Things
    Please have fun
    by Published on 12-06-2012 10:39 AM
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    I was recently introduced to RPing on the forums thanks toe Reine! So its thanks that I found Nethackís Dating service over in the ClanNation RP Hangout. I should be mentioned first of this is light hearted fun and that Nethack has said she will change this is it offends anyone, person I donít think it will.I mean i am a bit of a prude i guess and even i have signed up to be a Ho so what does that say?

    The thread in question is here.Basically is a bit of RP fun in which you can buy a role played date, for 500 credits (split between Nethack and the person you want the date.) You can either sign up to be a ĎHoí or a client .

    The above is a bar you get yo use if you sign up to be a Ho.

    Click on the link above for details and have a read and enjoy!.
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