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Sanguinans Luna

Try not to get sucked in by cute kittens and puppies...

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Okies Yush...

Some comments that made me laugh when looking at kittens on youtube included the following:

"If Adolf Hitler was given a kitten....things would have been different."



Where both of those comments just made me laugh a lot.

Okies, so why do I like kittens... ?

Besides being fluffy, cuddly and a furball of awesomeness, I can't think of any real reason besides that they are cute. Of course I don't have animals myself, but at least I can indulge in my guilty pleasure online on youtube.

So without letting you is some cuteness personified...




Now kittens is not the only cute things...puppies are as well. >.>




And I think that is enough cute balls of fur for one day. Yush, just had to share it with everyone.

Updated 02-21-2012 at 02:24 AM by Creophagous

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