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Sanguinans Luna

Okay so I didn't create a wordpress how to... Did Drawing for all of AL!

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Anyway, I was bored and the last couple of days I was getting annoyed with my first wordpress theme I installed. Although it looked cool, it wasnt updated to make use of the new Wordpress 3.0 menu system or anything ...and after deliberating on what I should do...I decided to delete the theme and also moved my site to a different host. Well In that respect Kodomo is the administrator so he is godlike in his powers there and I didn't mind one bit. I kinda like the whole idea of him looking after my site. Makes my site feel loved and you have no idea how much attention the site needs after being neglected by me for like over a year. >.>

Anyway, so I will eventually get the site up to where I want it to be, but am in no rush. I have several articles written on various anime and its all good and well... but I guess I want everything to look too perfect lol.

Anyway, without further letting you wait...put some music on for the next 13 minutes and watch this video of mine... yes, I was TOO LAZY to add music. With all the copyright being abled in one country and disabled in another, I decided not to add music and just uploaded as it is.

Special mentions to people and I swear... I did NOT FORGET people.....


................... I think. Okay maybe I did... so sorry Treize Strife and Stray!

Anyway, vid--------------


And tell me what you think of my crappy drawings... the whole video took 36 minutes and was speeded up to about 300% so to cut the time down.

Have fun!
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  1. Emotive's Avatar
    Aww, I was mentioned! :3 Thank you~ ^.^

    They weren't crappy either, I liked them. Nice job on the vid too, I liked~ ^.^
  2. Creophagous's Avatar
    Thankies hun :3
  3. Silverfox's Avatar
    I loved it, great stuff ^^ and thanks for the mention, too!
  4. Creophagous's Avatar
    Your welcome SilverFox
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