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So most people in life are lazy I gather. So am I, if I have to be frank. There are just days I want to sit and do absolutely nothing, and just crawl into bed and then there are days I want to take on the world and show them that I sit at the top.

Perhaps in my own little mind I do sit on a solitary throne. But a throne of what? I guess in all my creativity, I haven't figured that one out yet.

But today for about an hour or so after I finished colouring a drawing, I certainly felt at the top of the world.

So what did I do? I actually took the line art that has been sitting on my hard drive for god knows how long of my old Antaran character Lorn and Drat's character, Tyrus, and actually coloured it with the intention to start a blog.

Yes, I have a domain... and have wanted to write about anime I am watching for time now, but just have been way too lazy. So today, I first found a standard wordpress theme.

Now if you ever tried doing a wordpress blog yourself, you would understand the annoying habit that a typical blog owner undergo when they look for a theme that suits their purposes. So I was looking high and low and tried up to 5 different themes last night before settling on one I like this morning. But overall I had to turn it into 'My Anime' blog. So the header was doubly important. Which is why I decided to grab the drawing of our Roleplayer's Realm Characters and used them. And yush...I can't paint, but I tried. And I am happy with the outcome.

Of course there is absolutely nothing on my blog yet, but some comments on my header would be appreciated. After all...I spent like 7-8 hours doing it. >.> And that isn't exaggeration. Its murder doing something when I am not that good with colouring. Since it takes oodles of time.

Anyway, here is linkie to my blog for people who want to see.

And yes...I know it aint perfect the picture, but I like it!


And logo looks like sweeties even though Kodomo says it doesn't. (secretly whispers it does look like sweets...not that I am complaining) lol...

I will detail in my next blog post on here how anyone can start their own wordpress blog. Its good if you want to just write about insane stuff, ramblings and just general things in your life. You get to be creative as well! ^__^
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