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Sanguinans Luna

Winning Formula.

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So here I am applying for a competition and they ask, 'What is your winning formula?' and then I go rather quiet and think. Possibly the hardest I thought for about two minutes before shaking my head and going...

"Just be myself"

Yup...why does everything in life have to be about a game plan? Or a winning formula. Sure it would be nice if it gets you the result you hope for? But if in the race to do something creatively, there is no ultimate strategy or winning formula. Of course a bit of competition is good, but ultimately you want to be yourself and do the things you like without losing a part of yourself in the process.

So if I don't get selected based on the fact that I have no ultimate strategy or winning formula, then that is perfectly alright.

It's like a friend recently said to me... "Just surviving is an accomplishment really."
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