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Sanguinans Luna

When the mind paints a picture...

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The sad fact is, often people never take the time to listen to other people. And when the mind paints of a picture of a person or a situation, its often hard to see reality for what it is. The problem then comes when reality stares the person in the face, and they do exactly what was predicted already, it sort of is a let down.

Perhaps I have just gotten too used to reading people and understanding them better than they understand themselves.
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  1. Emotive's Avatar
    There's still some people that take the time to listen, it just takes some sifting to find them.

    It's still a letdown, but it doesn't have to be all the only thing on your mind, right? Try not to think about it so much. ^^
  2. Creophagous's Avatar
    Yup, you are right and no... I don't have just this on my mind
  3. Emotive's Avatar
    Glad to hear both of those But mainly the second part
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