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So Virgo huh....

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Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Virgo's... I guess I am just curious because I have only known them in passing in my life, but not in any form indepth or in a serious friendship. So examining a personality of one is rather intriguing the hell out of me.

Did I ever mention that I like to analyze things? Yup... so here I am and analyzing every structure, cell and gesture that a Virgo makes with a mild curiosity on what makes them tick and why their unfailing (kind) natures are so graceful and positive, whereas I am the embodiment of destruction or sunshine at any given moment's notice.

So why does a Virgo make polite talk without delving into the emotions they have or is it that they are afraid of being hurt by others, so perhaps definitely do not want people to see a negative side of them? Of course this is how my mind works... I had to accept the good and the bad in my life and a coin can be flipped where I am concerned. But with a Virgo, it sort of feels like the one side of the coin shines bright and catches the eye, but on the other side, it's faded and scratched to hell. Intentional I would surmise at times. But who knows...perhaps its the charm of a Virgo to display only the good, but there again I will probably pick apart the faded side with careful attention as things go along.

That I can guarantee you now.

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  1. Creophagous's Avatar
    On a weird note...I found this which for some reason paints the Gemini and Virgo together in a good light. I am genuinely surprised actually.

    Gemini and Virgo experience a lot of mental attraction in any relationship they share. They are always on the same chord at the intellectual level to appreciate and learn from each other. But Gemini needs freedom and crowd while Virgo is more an introvert person with limited people around.

    Gemini people are wanderers and change of personality is just a part of their routine life. They are charmers with people around them, weaving their way in and out of things whether it is in their career, socially with friends or in romance. Gemini people are more comfortable in moving from one realm of life to another than to settle down with one specific thing. The child like antics of the Gemini are easily construed by the qualities they possess. Guilt and perfection are not traits they care about. Their personalities change like the day to day weather. Their insatiable curiosity keeps them moving from one idea to another at the drop of a hat.

    Virgo are very stable, down-to-earth and realistic people with some values in life. Virgo know of the responsibilities of life and with a mature logic and reliability, they stick to these responsibilities. They can be very caring and devoted to their loved ones but at the same time they are highly critical and often painfully nagging too. Virgo are not the ones to be able to hide their feelings all too well. Whether it be happiness, worry, anger or even secrets they may possess. They are better off getting things out into the open and discussing the matters that bottle up inside them.

    Although Gemini people like to play through their relationships, the union formed between them and Virgo is not to be found on playfulness and diversion. The connections that Gemini people and Virgo have do not necessarily need a full understanding of what the others intend to do but since there is a mutual understanding, a respect to be had and a seriousness between them, then they can have a warm and quite compatible relationship which ever it is. Due to the calm and subtle affection given by each, there is seldom any tension. They continue to grow their unity with peace and comfort, sharing in their curiosities, graceful manner and intelligence which add to their bliss. Gemini could show Virgo the art of social expression, jovial persuasiveness and brilliant conversations. Although Virgo are as intellectual as the wandering Gemini people, they are not as fickle. They like to follow the beaten path and normally donít stray off their path.

    There is an almost touching and attractive modesty that the Virgo have that allows them to accept Gemini peopleís victory in winning the initial battle with their silver tongued manipulation of words. Virgo know, full well, that even if the success sounds as truthful as it should be, there is room for error and intimation. Gemini has a certain art of being able to use words to manipulate any situation in their favor. The practical and sensible mind of the Virgo weeds through it all and often comes up from behind, winning the war. Reality can not be twisted. It is a beaten path that is concrete and Virgo proves it to Gemini in the long run. Normally Gemini people like to win every battle, but there is something about the charming and polite Virgo that causes the Gemini to calm their nature and settle down. The need to win is not so important to the normally high strung Gemini.

    Most relationships Gemini and Virgo share have a strong level of mental stimulation and common interests to share. Friends, siblings and colleagues have a lot to learn and teach to each other. They enjoy each otherís company and appreciate the qualities one possesses. Being relatives or neighbors gives them the opportunity to share their approach towards life and important aspects. Business can be a good idea for Gemini and Virgo, if Gemini puts in their intellect and Virgo puts in their determination and perfectionism. A love relation can have many shades of happiness and confusion as they are similar at mental level but their expression of love is quite different which needs some time. As parents both Virgo and Gemini prove to be good care takers with Gemini following a friendly path while Virgo are a bit strict.

    Virgo are not one to conjure up an argument or even provoke one that is already started. When argument does arise between the two, there is a lot to be said about Virgoís hesitancy. Their modest and humble nature allows a lot to pass over for a calmer situation to be had. Gemini people, however, jump at any misspoken word, slight clash, or even perhaps stir one up, all by themselves if they feel irritated or bounded. If an argument were to ensue, to Gemini people it would be more of an intellectual puzzle to conquer but it cuts on a much deeper level for Virgo. Gemini people help the introverted Virgo broaden their scope of thinking and Virgo show Gemini that it is not all about winning every argument that crosses their path. They have a calming and quite serene relationship that is compatible, compassionate with a mutual understanding and respect.

    I guess we will at least understand one another on a mental level
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