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Chaos Legion Progress and Tips

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This will cover my progress through Chaos Legion, and a few tips I figure out. ^^

Apparently the enemies all have different names, but there's no online bestiary of what's what, and as far as I can tell, there's not one in the game either. >< So, I'll just be descriptive I guess.

After completing Stage 9 with Arcia Rinslet as a playable character, which I have to unlock by finishing the Normal difficulty (which I'm on), I got the Map Selector. Which means I can go back to any stage that I've done before. Useful because after the stages change after the fight with Delacroix, you can't get anymore Status Increase items. Period. ANYWHERE! So, I've been grinding Stage 2 like MAD to build up Sieg's stats and collect as many Life Max Up S, Attack Max Up S, and Defense Max Up S items as I can get. The same goes for the other stages, and there's even some of the L stat increase items to increase Sieg's stats more than the usual that you might've missed before. I'm not sure how many Soul Max Up S or Soul Max Up L items there are to get, but not a lot. And there's too many ranks to try to find out as far as those are concerned.

I'll write more later because I want to write a lot. xD But here's a few tips:

[Tidbit 1] Once the Exp Gem S, Exp Gem M, or Exp Gem L items reach 99, you get experience points instead of more gems when you try to pick them up in a stage.

[Tidbit 2] Also, once Life Max Up S, Attack Up S, or Defense Up S reach 60 in your inventory, you'll see Exp Gems where you would see these increase items and get experience points on the spot too.
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Chaos Legion


  1. Creophagous's Avatar
    I think the only thing that frustrates me is the inability to take screenshots of a gaming console unless you have something that can do that for you. It's why I prefer PC games over gaming console games... but I still love the original playstation one games heh. Like the two you sent me <33
  2. Emotive's Avatar
    :3 You know me and how many games I've got~ ^^
  3. Emotive's Avatar
    I finally got all 9 pieces of the Thanatos / Ultimate Legion, but the amount of experience it takes to get him from his youngest form (which I think is just called Infant or something, because it goes up to his Juvenile form, then his Adult form, then finally his Perfect form - it's kind of cute in its infancy ^^) to his Adult form is 25,000,000, and the most I've been able to get in a single stage so far is around 3,000,000 ><

    Luckily though, I finally got enough to get him to that point. FINALLY!! But I want MORE!! I want Perfect Thanatos! Which is a whopping 50,000,000 experience total to have him evolve to. >< Thankfully I at least have 27,577,307 already, but DAMN! I haven't even started on the Assist Attack or Enchantment (Ability Bonus of a Legion) ;.; The Assist Attack for Thanatos, eventhe smallest one, is 5,000,000. I swear, I'll go crazy. xD

    But Thanatos can attack enemies at their blindspot, which makes him almost indispensible when it comes to some battles in particular. Perfect Thanatos is just brutal and fun in the most rampaging way, it's insane. I'm trying to get Thanatos to his Perfect form to not only minimize damage to himself, but also maximize damage for when he does attack. He can just about make a ragdoll out of any enemy once he's Perfect. Except for bosses.

    The Assist Attack will be next, because it slows everything else down and targets enemies within a moderate distance with homing bullets that look like they just came from hell. ^^
  4. Emotive's Avatar
    Well, Normal Difficulty is a little harder than I remember... :/ Maybe I'll try on Easy again first. There aren't that many Life Recovery/Soul Recovery Gems that appear in Normal Mode. >< Hard mode will be fun. x.x But I MUST persevere!! And I SHALL!! >: [
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