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Sanguinans Luna

Just after 6am and a good laugh!

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So this person showed the information of a system he was trying and then person b replied and asked if anyone has tried teh system.

Person c replied with this: Well considering the question was asked 3 hours after he posted it, you are expecting a lot from us. My excuse is I took my kryptonite pill this morning, otherwise I would have made a lot of money from this yesterday.


--------------------------------- Yup it was a laugh----------------------------

Okies... so briefly looking back at anime series I have been watching lately, I have received 5 boxsets and ended up paying customs since I ordered it from I seriously didn't know that anything over 15 gets a custom duty payment tagged onto it, but at least I know now for future.

The series I bought is Air Gear (yush...this series is brilliant. I first watched it online several years back and absolutely loved it so had to own it and now I finally do). Then Air TV, Glass Fleet, Ghost Hunt and Welcome to the NHK.

I am looking forward to watching the other series but right now I am watching Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Hachiyoushou, which in my opinion is an amazing fantasy story so far. I like it. Some parts is slightly boring and some parts I think they try to make a bit funny, but for the whole concept it isn't really. I do love the whole concept of the dragon jewels and, and the girl which has the power of the dragon god inside of her etc. I am very curious about the demons so far and have a feeling the main demon guy will be an absolute eyesore. In terms of beauty... yush, weird saying that over a guy but he wears a mask and I am curious what he will look like.

Well that is all for now.

Lately I have not been in the best of spirits and me losing out on a violin of my dreams mean that I am somewhat sad... and not in a happy mood. But such is life.
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