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Soul Eater Part One Episodes 1-13

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Okay... so I watched the first few episodes quite some time ago... and I mean in early 2009 I am talking about. I never went back to it, because it was brand new-ish released and me being me...the impatient type, decided to wait until the series finished.

Well the other day I purchased the first part of Soul Eater (Part One) which is the first 1-13 episodes.

As I watch the episodes, I will write about each episode. So check back now and again.

[center]------As stated in my Blog.... Everything will be spoilers-------[/center]
Episode 1

Okay, watching episode 1 takes me back to the first time I watched this. But it was good seeing it again.

We are introduced in the beginning to the concept of a soul. A 'sound' soul dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body. The Death Weapon Meister Acadamy, known as DWMA is a place where weapons and Meisters get their training.

In short there is two characters you meet. Soul -or Soul Eater-(as the weapon) and Maka ( a girl that is the partner). In short...if Soul wants to become a proper Death Scythe, he has to consume 99 Kishin eggs and one witch soul. Basically a Kishin egg is a soul (demon) who left the human path and basically run the risk of transforming into a Kishin.

And then we meet the lovely Mr. Jack The Ripper whom they defeat and consume, making him the 99th soul. All that was left is the witch soul and Maka walked over to a window (yes... new technology for a phone), and scribbled the numbers:

42-42-564 on the glass which dialed home...or in this case to the DWMA. The death room. When spoken aloud, it says "Die, Die, Kill." and yes, Lord Death answers.

I find the character that plays Lord Death quite funny actually... and then we are also introduced to Maka's Dad. :P

From what I can gather, he has issues with his daughter not being his little girl anymore and she refuses to acknowledge him...of course a teenager would be like this, so it made me laugh.

Later they end up battling the witch called Blair who lives in a punpkin house. Yes...honestly.

---The fight scenes is funny and good---

Well long story short... Blair is defeated and yet...she lives. *gasp*

We also find out that her soul isn't a witch soul. (so disappointing as she makes a delicious witch)

Well, that is the end of episode 1 really. Maka and Soul Eater messed up and therefore he cannot become a death scythe- yet.

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