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Sanguinans Luna

Carnivorous Thoughts along with Rants and Spoilers....

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Okay, getting rid of my journal means that I decided to do a blog instead. Why? Simply because it's more personal and I just wanted a place where I can pen thoughts away from the bustling activity of a journal.

But be warned... I will talk about anime I watch in great if you don't like know what happens in Bleach or any anime for that matter, then simply put...don't come here. This is my blog! :P

There is a PM system on this forum for people to contact me, so use it.

Having a blog serves two own and that of this site. So if you think it's rude of me... bugger off. :P

Since I am too tired to talk about any series remotely now, I will leave my first post for now. And during this coming week, I will explore some interesting things.


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