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A Pharaoh's Tale

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June 9, 2011

Never made a blog before so I might as well try it for once. Last night wasn't so great we had some really nasty storms that went through though they didn't do any damage. Obviously the weather men said we dodged a bullet when they found 84mph winds and if they had been on the ground level instead of cloud level we would have been screwed. Already been through and F1 tornado that went through and did some damage down the block from where I live so I am thankful nothing like that happened last night.

The electricity did go out and the biggest fear was that if the power was off for a long time the sump pump in the basement would fail and we would have a flood in the basement. Had that happen the last time we had storms like that so we waited for the lights to go back on. Thankfully it lasted maybe 10 minutes which isn't really long.

This week has just been weird from record high temperatures in the 90's for June and thunderstorms without mercy. The US has just been plagued with bad weather and it isn't even summer. Hopefully summer doesn't turn out to be as horrible as winter/spring has been for many people around the us and world. My prayers go out to those who have battled the bad weather and somehow found a will to continue.
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  1. Lady.River's Avatar
    I have to say the floods in Australia, Brisbane, were caused by not emptying the main dam early enough and we used to get storms in summer often. ^^;

    I hope you don't have more nasty storms though. I dislike storms..
  2. PharaohAtem's Avatar
    The weekend was rather calm and nice for once no rain and plenty of sun. I had been afraid with that hail that it would damage our garden, but the garden is rather resilient and looks great. IF only the tommatoes and cucumbers would grow fast enough so I can pick and eat them.
  3. Lady.River's Avatar
    Oh nice ^^ it was sunny this Monday, but rainy/cloudy/overcast all weekend, from Friday.
  4. PharaohAtem's Avatar
    It was rather cloudy and rainy yesterday and I came down with some lame stomach virus that I hope goes away before the weekend since I have to work.
  5. PharaohAtem's Avatar
    Well after working these last couple of days I am bone tired and if work tries calling, well they will not hear from me.
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