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Faithy's Character Hodgepodge

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Name: Aimée Chevrier
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Race: Caucasian - French ethnicity
Her hair is a silky smooth dark shade of black that hangs down loosely in layers her rear end. The sides of her hair feather down around her dimple induced cheeks, while her bangs cover her forehead and extend beyond her eyes. The light dusting of freckles beneath her eyes as well as across her nose, gives her a more youthful appearance, which she often uses to her advantage. Her eyes are two pools of Prussian blue medium shaped ovals that when stared at long enough, give off the sensation of drowning in a deep lake. Her eyelashes extenuate her eyes, giving her a wide innocent look that is used to draw in the unsuspecting as a defense. Despite the four-inch scar along the left side of her ribs, her tanned skin is the perfect shade that most teenagers want. It is neither too dark nor is it too white.

More ought than naught, Aimée wears nothing other than ribbed wife beater tanks or spaghetti strapped short tanks. Along with the tanks, she either wears shorts, regular low rise, hip hugger jeans or hip hugger cargo pants, depending on her mood. The jacket she most often wears is metallic blue, which has tons of inner pockets to hide different items including weapons, if necessary. She wears black or red skintight boots that have a rugged non-slip 2+-wedge platform outsole. The boots lace up the front and stop mid-shin. She also wears what's in the picture.

Accessories: Aimée wears a purple and black butterfly choker around her neck that matches the tattoo on her ankle, a silver bracelet with a small watch, and has a pair of square wire framed sunglasses with red lenses. She also has what's shown in the picture.

Due to her childhood, Aimée can be quite aloof towards strangers, especially those that portray an abusive trait. That isn't to say that she's a frightened individual because there are times when she is quite sarcastic and upon occasion has spoken without thinking, both traits getting her into trouble more than once. She's carefree when with her roommate Jimmy, the two best buds despite their different upbringing and status quo.

Occupation: Stripper at the Candy Shop


Since the moment Aimée was born, her father Markus constantly told her that she was a massive mistake. He oozed with distain towards her and she lost count of the number of times he attempted to assassinate her. Juliana, her mother was the only caring immediate family member she had. If she was a mistake, Juliana never mentioned it. In fact, whenever Markus spoke against Aimée, her mother faced his wrath and rebutted him. Of course, this made the controlling man rather pissed off and ultimately led to Juliana’s downfall. The jerk hired a hitman to kill the two females in his life, but the idiot wasn’t a professional. Instead of hitting either one, he nailed one of the servants in the head. The poor man was found floating in a nearby lake, his body missing important pieces. The next assassin that was hired was an expert marksman and though he missed Aimée, her mother wasn’t as lucky.

A year after her mother was killed, when Aimée was five, her father was also attacked in the home and slaughtered while she was away at a friend’s house. Every night around eight O’clock he settled himself down in the den, drank many glasses of his own special formula while his hired prostitutes would pleasure him on his command. Around midnight, he would be passed out drunk and the girls would be long gone, each locating a servant to cure their horny bodies. Someone else had been paying attention to his routine and after he was alone, they crept into the house. To keep him from moving, the stranger tied his wrists and ankles to the bedposts, using his own belts in addition to giving him something to suppress the ability to shift. Once confident that he was secure, the attacker gagged his mouth with a pillow case. Knowing that it would be more satisfactory for him if he was awake, he slapped him until Markus struggled to open his eyes. A number of emotions slid across his eyes, easily read by the assassin. This of course pleased the sadist immensely. When he realized he was tied down and gagged, the verbally abusive male used all of his strength to try and break free. He quickly found out that he couldn’t and though he didn’t quit immediately, it was obvious in his facial expression that he knew he was doomed.

Picking up a dagger from the nightstand, the unknown male traced it down Markus’ neck. His discomfort made a sinister grin appear upon his face and without warning; he cut open his shirt, exposing his muscled chest. The edge of the weapon pressed against him, the tip beginning just below his throat. Before he could even scream, the male had forced the blade through his skin and flesh, forcing the thing as deep as he could while cutting down to his navel. Blood and guts spewed from the wound, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy him. The killer was soon making deep gashes on his arms, legs, and sides, ignoring his muffled screaming. The more he cut, the more Markus shouted and begged for him to stop. The sheets, floor, and of course the masked male’s clothing was covered in crimson goodness. Yanking so that his guts were spewed outside of his body, the assassin moved back to his chest. Re-positioning the knife above his heart, the sadist made a crude circle and cut out the flesh to get down to his ribcage before breaking the bones in his way. Reaching down, he yanked it out, holding it in his hand for a brief second. Sneering at his dying form, the death dealer slammed the heart down to the ground, smashing it with a chair.

Once satisfied the bastard wasn’t going to return to life, the assassin left the way he came, leaving a grisly crime scene.

Due to the amount of hatred Markus received, no one checked on him in the morning and it was Aimée that found his corpse. After calling the police, she sat silently in her bedroom unsure what to do. She felt no sadness for the loss of her father, only fear that the same thing would happen to her. It was around that time that she was found by a police officer who carried her out of the house. She was placed into the foster care system and that was when her second round of hell started. It was during one of her school years that she met the man that would become her best bud and her protector, Jimmy Ó’Suaird.

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  1. Vauvanukke's Avatar
    Name: Jimmy Ó’Suaird
    Sex: Male
    Age: 22
    Race: Caucasion
    Though Jimmy was a blonde from the moment he was yanked from his mother’s womb, the shade lasted only a few years. As he grew older, the ebony color of his hair seemed to match the mysterious persona that surrounded him at all times. Emerald like eyes shone even in the darkest of nights, though most of the time his right eye was hidden beneath unruly bangs that could never be tamed. Parts of his locks rested against the back of his neck, just below his ears. Standing at 6 feet exactly, he weighs about 165 pounds, the majority of that muscle mass. What few freckles he had were scattered across his flawless face and the only other markings upon it were two dimples located on either side of his mouth, visible of course only when he was smiling.
    Cool and collect, Jimmy always seems to know what to do when faced with an adverse situation. He’s slightly cocky and self-assured, but only when he has experience in what he’s doing. He seems to be able to make friends and enemies without any effort and often times it is his new-found friends that wind up giving him enemies.
    Occupation: In the Police Academy training to be a police officer
    Jimmy was born to Nicole and James Ó’Suaird on May 19th during one of the worst storms known to man. Between participating in sports and helping out people, he was busy but enjoyed it that way. He soon befriended a small raven haired girl named Aimée Chevrier who was a year younger than him. Despite his insane schedule, he always found a time to hang out with Aimée and made sure she knew self-defense moves so that she could always protect herself when he wasn’t around. This was mainly because she was always getting hurt by the foster families she was constantly being thrusted into. During middle school, Ashton became his first love and it didn’t matter to him that she wasn’t a popular kid or even rich. Her heart was made of gold and she had the sweetest personality that nearly everyone loved about her. It was the ones that were jealous of the two that were the first to ruin his utopia. One fateful night during high school as he exited the gym after practice, he found her body lying across his car, her form riddled with bullets. He never found out who killed her until years later when the three responsible admitted it to him moments before they were executed by some renegade police officers who were then shot by other police officers.

    It was after her death that he began to change. He spent more and more time away from home and school, going only to his classes. He of course continued to protect the weak because he didn’t want the same thing to happen to them, but there was no longer the attachment he once had. During his time away, Aimée found herself in hell and despite the lessons taught to her by Jimmy, couldn’t stop one of her foster father’s from abusing her both physically and emotionally as well as sexually. One day during a fight at school that was aimed towards Aimée, Jimmy had to step in and stop the beatings that the three men were giving her. Aimée had moved herself away from the chaos, curled up in a tiny ball, sobbing from pain. It wasn’t until hours later as she was recovering at the hospital in her normal room did he get out of Aimée what had happened and as he heard the news of what her foster father had done, the straw upon the camel’s back snapped. He immediately went to the police to have the man arrested and eventually got his own place and moved Aimée in with him to protect her as much as possible.
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    Name: Benson Bailey
    Sex: Male
    Age: 30
    Race: Caucasion
    Thanks to his tall and lanky form, Benson was forced to work out at an early age to get an overall muscular and toned frame. Despite his slightly long dark brown hair starting out neat, it always winds up messy. The front part constantly drops into his silver eyes while the top and back spikes out with the help of gel. By the time he’s finished with whatever task he’s attempting to complete, the spikes are less than defined and it sort of just looks unkempt, but attractive. He is often seen wearing a skin-tight black sleeveless shirt with a black unzipped hooded jacket. The sleeves and pockets are crimson red and the bottom trim is red and black. Although he rarely has sun exposure, his flesh has a light tan appearance to it. While at work or conducting business, he is forced to wear a white short sleeved t-shirt that buttons up the front with a black vest and blue slacks. In addition, he has a black tie. Lastly, he has a pair of black and red Nike shoes to wear outside of work and a pair of black dress shoes to wear while working.
    Benson has been described as being a slithering snake. He always knows exactly what to say and can have complete strangers eating out of his hands within minutes. This works out perfectly for him because of his business dealings. However, his domineering personality often leads to terrible things for anyone that crosses him. He’s smart enough to know better than to do things on his own and has a whole crew of patsies to do his dirty work.
    Occupation: Classified
    Benson’s history has been as classified as he could possibly make it. He learned at an early age from his no good father how to manipulate people into doing what needed to be done and once he was old enough to start his own business, he used that knowledge to quickly rise to the top. He was savvy enough to keep under the radar of the police as his business grew. He started to delve into the dirtier side of wherever he happened to be at the time, doing whatever he could to make the most money and please the most people. What he did exactly wasn’t clear to anyone outside of his inner circle and he intended to keep it that way. He was always on the look of the best of the best and that was why when he decided that he would make a certain girl his. It was an elaborate scheme, but the plan was full-proof, or so he figured.
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    Name:Kimi Taiya Aiko
    Nickname: Tai
    Sex: Female
    Age: 26
    Kimi’s 6 foot frame is small to medium, not as muscular as most trained fighters, but she has an overall muscular appearance. Her abs are firm, packed with muscle as are her arms and legs, making her stronger than she appears. Her light tanned, appears to be darker in the light, and lighter in the dark, much like a chameleon. Aiko’s red hair goes down to her mid back and offsets her blue eyes.

    The main thing is the backpack she always carries with her no matter where she is going she doesn't leave without it. Around her neck is a silver chain necklace with the design of a dragon intertwined into it. The bracelet on her right arm has the same design, as does the ring on her left pinky. She has a tattoo across her right shoulder of a dragon and butterfly tattoo on the right side above her waist of her pants. Depending on the day and activity, her clothing can change randomly. When she is looking for a job that is not fighting, she tends to dress up, wearing a red or baby blue sundress with spaghetti straps that comes to her mid thighs. During those days, she wears red or baby blue sandals to match the dresses. She also wears a hooded cloak that goes to her knees to match the dresses and sandals. When she is not looking for a job, she dresses a bit more comfortably. Generally, she wears blue pants that are low-cut to show off her abs, a red "boy" beater tank, a black leather crop jacket that comes slightly above her waist. The back of the jacket has "When I snap... you'll be the first to know“. Sleek black combat type boots complete the outfit.

    Though for the most part Kimi is a serious twenty-six year old, she has the ability to make any situation light and it’s often said that her laughter makes the heart lighten and things seem bright even in the darkest time. She tries her best to follow her heart and even when it gets her into trouble, she feels that she’s doing the right thing. She’s a fighter and isn’t a quitter and unless forced to quit the task, she keeps going until it’s completed.

    Occupation: Freelance bounty hunter
    Born in Lósénji, she didn't have a chance to really enjoy it. Her parents were both travelers that never really stayed in one place for long. Whenever they would go back to Lósénji she would always run away for weeks at a time, refusing to go to the next place. Whenever she ran away, she always went to a waterfall where she trained in the different fighting types she saw on television. Just before she turned nine, Kimi came across a strange glowing meteor near the fall, and without even thinking about it, reached her child fingers out, touching it. The moment her appendages came into contact with the strange object, a flash occurred and the force sent her into the water. An unknown figure saved her from drowning, but was gone before she fully woke back up. Deciding to head home without investigating further, she decided to tell no one. When she turned 10, her parents moved with her back to Lósénji. Knowing it was against her mother and father’s wishes she began to fight older children, generally winning but coming away with bruises and occasionally a broken bone. Eventually her parents allowed her to do as she pleased constantly wishing they could have changed her childhood. One night on the way home from a dinner party both of her parents were violently attacked in their car and killed. Left alone to fend for herself she moved into a crappy apartment since that was all she could afford with what money her parents had left. Every day she was forced to constantly look for a job. More importantly however was the constant need to survive and stay alive, making her glad that she had learned to fight when she did. She eventually heard about the street fighting and took part of it occasionally. Only when things were really tight, which was really quite often, would she fight. She normally won and that wasn't the problem, the problem was that she wanted to get a real job and please the spirits of her parents. It wasn’t long before someone noticed her and took her under her wing, teaching her not only how to fight smarter, but how to use weapons and her uncanny street knowledge to locate those that did not wish to be found. It was during this time that she became a well sought after bounty hunter, something that took her all over the world.
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