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Day in the life of college: 10/24/19

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Day in the life of college:
Date: October 24, 2019

Hi all, I am Dangomochimishi, Dango for short! I just wanted to wish all my readers a 'Happy Thursday!' Tomorrow's Friday, so I hope you can pull through one more day until the weekend ladies and gents. I just wanted to say, college as a freshmen is not easy. I don't know if any of you struggled your first year, but how did you guys get through it? The semester is almost over and I feel like I am so far behind all my peers. They all are quite gifted in terms of intelligence and I feel really inferior and lame sometimes. If there's any way to get through this, let me know down below. (LOL, that rhymed.) Well, if any of you are struggling with something today, whether it be school, work or life feel free to speak your mind. Because honestly, you shouldn't keep things to yourself, you will just hurt yourself even more than you already are inside. I love you all my readers and I hope I can post a blog entry every week or so often. Love you all and remember this is just another day, the next day will be better. You just have to take a new approach.



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