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2018 Manga Roundup

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Hello! I have a confession to make before starting this list. Until 2018, I've never really seen the point in reading manga, as it's quite expensive for something I can read quite quickly but then I watched Seraph of the End and fell in love with the characters and the plot. I just had to find out what happened next, so I bought my first volume (volume 10 as the anime and manga follow each other really well) now 10 months later I have a small (28 book...) collection, with several titles on preorder. I'm glad I started reading Manga as I've always loved reading but after finishing an English and Creative Writing degree in 2015, I've been lost and fell out of love with reading. Manga and light novels helped me to find my enjoyment in books again.

So here is what I've read in 2018, and my thoughts on each series, there will probably be spoilers, also I am aware that scanlations can be read online, I'm following the physical releases, so please no spoilers if you're further than I am (chapter numbers will be included)

Seraph of the End - Vampire Reign Volume 1-15 (chapters 1-59)

I love this series, interesting vampires with plenty of humour/violence. It does keep you on your toes with unexpected twists, turns and a lot of foreshadowing. I can't wait to see what Shikami
Dōji will look like in colour if/when we get more of the anime

Seraph of the End - Guren Ichinose Catastrophe at Sixteen - Light Novels, Volume 1-4 (complete)

I was iffy about reading this prequel as I don't really like the character of Guren, but I'm glad I did. It answered almost every question the anime and manga had chosen to ignore (although I was a bit belated in realising that in Japan, the first light novel and the first volume of the manga were released around the same time) and was interesting to read. I really hope viz hurry up an translate Resurrection at Nineteen and the Story of Vampire Michaela.

The Worlds Greatest First Love Volume 1-10 (Case of Ritsu Onodera no 19, case of Kisa Shota no 7.5)

Like Seraph of the End, I bought this manga because I wanted to know what happened next I finished the anime. It was the first yaoi manga I bought, and well, I can't wait for the next volume to come out in Feb.

Ten Count volume 1-5 (Count 1-33)

This was the first manga I bought without having watched an anime first, and in January when volume 6 is finally out in the UK it will be my first completed manga! I had a vague idea of the plot, and well, I was not expecting the relationship between Kurose and Shirotani to take an S&M turn but it does fit the characters. It was interesting to learn more about OCD and ERP therapy as you can tell the author really researched the condition, and as a writer it's also quite interesting to see how Rihito Takarai creates intimacy between without them ever kissing (granted, they do a lot of other things to create the intimacy..)

Wotakoi - Love is Hard for Otaku - Volume 1-3 (Japanese volumes 1-6, Episodes 1-39)

I don't have Amazon Prime so I've not yet watched the anime. I'm hoping to find more Josei titles this year. My favourite thing about this manga was the translation notes, as it made the story more enjoyable and explained things that made several other anime's make more sense.

Thank you for reading, I'm hoping to keep this up as the year goes on with a monthly ish round up, I'm trying to read more in general so this may turn into more of manga/book post
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  1. shimaa's Avatar
  2. Ekkun's Avatar
    If do you like Josei, my I recommend to you to read "Nana, by Ai Yazawa" (also, Paradise Kiss, will be a good choice. ) you can biuy now pretty cheap 2nd hand by amazon.

    PS: both of them have an anime adaptation ( i think, not to sure but maybe Paradise Kiss even got a Dorama or K-drama adaptation ) While Nana havas 2 live action movies.
  3. Dangomochimishi's Avatar
    That's awesome!!! I honestly thought the same thing about reading manga, until I picked up "Let's Dance a Waltz" by Natsumi Ando. It is honestly really cute and the series is only 3 books. I highly recommend it for anyone who is into shoujo anime. Have a great day and I am sure you'll delve into the amazing world of manga. It's awesome. <3
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