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2018 Anime Roundup

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Hello! I've enjoyed anime since discovering it via Pokemon, Cardcaptors and Spirited Away. I don't like watching content on my laptop (I wear glasses so try/fail to limit my screen time) so other than few cheap and hope it's good buys from HMV (Black Blood Brothers, Eden of the East & Summer Wars being a few of my buys) it's only since buying a firestick and being gifted a Funimation subscription in Sept 2017 have I been able to really watch anime. I want to share what I've watched over the last year, what I've loved, enjoyed or failed with and thoughts about some of them. As I'm playing catch-up a lot these series are many years old, with a few simulcast/dubs (my first time watching anime one episode a week... it did not go well) I also fell down a rabbit hole on Intstagram, finding the more adult side of anime (well, a side I liked) so there will also be Yaoi titles on this list (also, if you read any manwha in that genre, I'd love to talk about it)
2018 was also the year I finally cracked and started reading Manga (Seraph of the End has a lot to answer for...) so these titles will be included in a separate blog I'm hoping to keep this up in the new year with a monthly-ish roundup (hopefully leading to a much shorter/more focused 2019 roundup). Unless stated otherwise, all titles were watched in English on Funimation (pre Crunchyroll split) I've tried to be more vague with my comments, however there may be some spoilers

Simuldubs/casts to be completed in 2019

Double Decker Doug & Kirill
One of my favourite anime's of the year, so so funny. The plotline is interesting and the scene backgrounds are really pretty and detailed (although to be expected from the studio/team behind Code Geass) The characters and their personalities are a different from the norm, and work well together, and the colour coding helps to remind you whose who. Kirill is my favourite character - although his colour scheme of purple probably helped with that choice (& Micah Solousod's voice is perfect for him)

Dakaichi -I'm being harassed by the sexiest man of the year (Crunchyroll, Japanese,)

As I use the free version of Crunchyroll, I'm currently 2 episodes behind on this. It's a nice little fluffy anime, easy to follow plot, but nothing much at stake meaning the week wait isn't too painful. I do wish they'd kept the originally Japanese subtitle (The most huggable man has threatened me) especially as Takato spent a good 10+ minutes of the first episode telling us why being most huggable was better than sexiest. Either way, an interesting look in the acting/tv/movie world in Japan, and hopefully the start of some more yaoi titles being released...

That Time I got Reincarnated as Slime

This anime really surprised me, the title intrigued me when the fall lineup was released but I quickly forgot about it. It was until my co-worker said they were watching it did I remember about it (& it finally gives us a common title to discuss, as our conversations tend to go 'heard about it, but never watched' till we run out of titles...) I'm only episode 3 so less to say about it atm, It has more of a plotline and weird creatures than I expected and as the main character knows nothing of the world he is now in, the viewer gets to learn it with him, rather than trying to guess the world like some other shows.

Shows watched this year

Now onto the long list! In kinda chronological order..

Tokyo Ghoul s2 - Viceland, Tokyo Ghoul RE (eps 1-12) I got into Tokyo Ghoul late 2017, just in time for the spin off. I'll be honest, this is a series I need to rewatch from the beginning as my recording's via Sky got messed up, so I missed some bits, and Funimation took far too long to put the second half of RE onto the UK service, so I haven't managed to finish it, I know a lot of people hated the spin off but I've enjoyed what I've seen of it (especially the haise vs kaneki mental battles)

Seraph of the End s1 & 2 - I loved, loved this anime, I love most things with vampires in, so I wish I had realised that this wasn't about angels (in the traditional sense) sooner, great plot, amazing artwork. The vampires and their rules are a bit different to what I've seen before and the want to know what comes next even pushed me to buy the manga. I could rewatch this over and over and find new things everytime, and is one of the few available online anime's I've bought the DVD's of (& managed to find the limited edition version so got some interesting little artbooks etc with it) it's also close to beating Spirited Away as my favourite anime..

Unbreakable Machine Doll - Yaya - the automaton made this anime fun (although not fussed on the light fan service elements) don't know why Funimation only has 12 episodes of this as it ends part way through a plot arc (this may have changed, but I didn't enjoy it enough to actually check back) which is really frustrating.

The Royal Tutor -
If you want pretty princes, with the shiniest anime hair I've ever seen this is the anime for you, I enjoyed this enough to rewatch it later in the year, kinda hope there is a s2 one day.

Yuri!!! On Ice! (Japanese, Crunchyroll)
- So after watching this four ish times in English (after finally watching it in Oct 2017...) I decided to watch it in Japanese, this was actually one of the first anime's I've watched in Japanese, as I like to colour or read when watching TV I tend to stick to English, but I wanted to see the differences (& if the movie isn't simuldubbed, wanted to get used to the characters voices in Japanese, cos no way will I avoid spoilers)

Black Butler - s1, 2 and OVA's on DVD, s3 - Book of Circus (Netflix) - I've been wanting to watch this for awhile but at 40 per season I've left it, I finally found them for 10 each in HMV earlier this year. I really enjoyed it, and kinda want Ciels entire wardrobe (so many frills!) it has a weirdly good balance of violence and humour, hope Book of Murder/Atlantic makes its way to the UK soon.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (Ramen Hitmen) - I only found this because the voice actor for the main character Lin (Daman Mills) tweeted about it, anime was so ridiculous in places, whilst being quite violent. Many of the plotpoints took awhile to make sense or came up at moments you'd never expect (who knew baseball lingo would be helpful in a kidnap situation?!) and a back story that took 10 episodes to finally be explained, which actually made the anime, kept it interesting and well who doesn't want Lin's fancy knife that's also a tiny gun?! (not that I have any use for it, just a really cool weapon)

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi (The Worlds Greatest First Love) s1-2 (Crunchyroll, Japanese) -
This was the first Yaoi anime I've ever watched, and I loved it. Nice to have a romance story where the characters are around my own age (I'm 25) and not in high school, as well as having a few different takes on 'first love' It is lovely to rewatch, unluckily it got lost to American Funimation in the split from Crunchyroll, so I'm currently stalking Amazon waiting for the DVD I've ordered of it to leave New York...

Junjo Romatica s1-3 -(Crunchyroll, Japanese) I was uhh quick to follow Sekai Ichi, with another of
Shungiku Nakamura's series, it wasn't as enjoyable as her other series, some of the characters are whingy, and the consent/age issues seem more pronounced, although is nice to rewatch when you've got nothing better to do. It was also really weird to see characters smoking (& led to learning way to much about smoking in Japan via wikipedia)

Touken Ranbu:Hanamaru s1-2 -Ancient Japanese Swords reborn as young men (& no, not a fan service title) This is a confusing but enjoyable series, they try to bring in a history element, but it's not well explained if you're not familiar, whilst covering the day to day life of the all the uhh swords living together, by the second series there's that many swords it's hard to keep up with whose who

Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World -
I only watched this because I've seen a lot of Ran/Rem cosplays and have never understood who they were or why they were popular and wanted to see what Felix the trap/catboy actually did in the anime, I did not enjoy this anime, although did make it through all 12 episodes Funimation had at the time, after watching the Girl Who Leapt Through Time, I've had a bit of an aversion to anime's with repeated time jumps to the same day/timeframe/activity, and this did not change my mind

Anime Crimes Divsion s1-2 (Live Action, English, Crunchyroll)
- So, so funny, a show that doesn't take itself too seriously and parodies a lot of anime and some pop culture, if you haven't seen it go watch it - the episodes are mainly 10mins each (meaning there's only ads at the start of each episode)

Kakuiryo - Bed and Breakfast for Spirits -
This was actually the first anime I watched weekly (as through DVD's and Netflix I've never been able to) and I quickly found I do not have the patience for weekly animes, as this was so so good. Kinda similar to spirited away, as a human girl is taken to a spirit world, but aimed at an older audience. It was interesting, funny and you can see clear character development especially with Aoi and the Ogre Master as the series progressed, I really, really hope we get a s2, although a bit gutted they're making a manga instead of translating the Light Novels.

Rewatches - So much happens in Anime I often miss lots of things the first time round, so I've taken to rewatching some of my more enjoyed series (especially when I can't decide what series to start next)

Assassination Classroom/Koro Sensei Quest! No matter how many times I watch this, I'm always surprised when Koro Sensei is actually killed, I do like that we get a few years later to see where class 3E end up
Yuri!!! on Ice - Nothing quite beats an episode of this after a bad day (except maybe an episode of The Might Boosh)
Ouran High School Host Club - Ridiculous, although does make you learn a lot of anime/genre words you may not have come across before

Failed - Some of these titles have reasons why I gave in, others not really

Attack on Titan -
Honestly, I can't see the hype, I've tried twice and never got into it
Citrus - I watched the first episode on a friends recommendation, the plot made no sense (even by anime standards) and Yuri is not a genre I really enjoy
Rainy Cocoa, (Japanese) - Removed from Funimation, although I did enjoy what I saw of it
Restaurant to Another World - The concept is so good, and the food is interesting, but I didn't like the script of it, it matched the characters but didn't keep my interest
Pumpkin Scissors, Space Battleship Tiramisu - Tried it purely for the ridiculousness of the title...
Murder Princess, Noragami, Venus Versus Virus - They were that uhh interesting I can't even remember why I failed
D. Gray Man - This is a series I may go back to in the future, just something about was meant for me to watch it now
Violet Evergarden (Netflix) -I watched 9/12 episodes before giving in, her constant search for what is Love got a bit boring, and a lot of things could have been fixed with communication and that just sort of ruined it
Konohana Kitan - I don't know how the lady who voices Nagisa in Assassination Classroom can have such an irritating voice as a female character
One Punch Man (Netflix) -Watched on the recommendation of a friend who doesn't really watch anime, I may go back to it one day, but ended up using it as background noise whilst reading
Steins;Gate (Netflix) - I think I'm going to have to read spoilers for the entire series, I enjoyed it but couldn't wait for it to get to the plot reveals, even though it was well paced, I was just impatient.

Thank you for reading (if you got to the end) I'm hoping as the year goes on my roundups will be more interesting/relevant. If anyone has any comments or want to talk about any of the titles (or have recommendations!) I'd love to discuss them
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