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A Tenko Rant™ (The One About A Language Course).

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I just wanna start off with a warning: this is gonna be petty. but I need to get the irritation off of my chest.

So, I signed up for a Japanese class a couple of weeks ago, and have really been looking forward to it - I've desperately needed to get out more, meet more people (I've lived in England for almost 5 years and have no friends of my own, which is a blog entry for another day) and I was excited to work on my language skills (I speak English and French, I've got basic Russian and a bit of Korean).

Well, I went to my Japanese class last night and it was not at all what I was expecting it to be (in a bad way).
Contacted the University this morning to ask for a cancellation/refund, and they came back asking if I could provide more information because they don't really offer refunds for people who have started the course. Fair enough. So, I listed what happened and how I felt about it (which was a lot of text, I have to admit - it takes a lot for this girl not to stick to a language) and I also said how I felt about it as a language learner and as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher.
Welp, apparently that was the wrong thing to bring up.
They've now got me talking to a different member of faculty who is now all up in arms and clearly hasn't taken the time to properly read my e-mail - I have a feeling that she's friends with the Japanese teacher. She's also getting pretty in my face and is basically insinuating that I'm just having troubles because I'm a teacher and that I need to settle into the role of a student - and that I'm probably just having troubles because it's a language with a different script.
Honey. Sit down.
I've handled classes with two different scripts, I can handle a Japanese class where we're only focusing on one of three alphabets.
She'd like me to go again next week with a different outlook on things, and I have zero desire to do so - I also know that by that time my rights to a cancellation/refund are basically nullified as it'll be well past the time frame that are in their T&Cs (I could always rely on the earlier e-mails if I had to, but I'd like to make this as easy as possible).
I've replied very politely to her, reiterating myself and basically saying that I'm not going back next week/asking how we can proceed.

Yes, it's a bit petty - but I refuse to pay for a class that I didn't enjoy and didn't find productive...especially after having someone get so snotty with me after I highlighted the issues!

Tenko out (and possibly back later with an update).

-Tenko x

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