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D&D Character Sheet : Eden Barvoril

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Given Name: Yaspira Urixik

Personality traits & Flaws:

  • Short Tempered: Eden has a strong sense of right and wrong, as it aligns with her personal morals and beliefs and not necessarily the law. As such, she has a short temper when she sees injustice being performed (with little concern of who is doing the wronging) especially if it involves children, and it’s generally pointless to try to stop her from righting the wrong unless you are ready to physically restrain her. This can often lead her into confrontations that could have been avoided otherwise.
  • Curious: Being out in society for the first time, Eden becomes very curious and will often get distracted and wander away from her original gold to explore something that has caught her attention. She also tends to ask a lot of questions that the answers may be more commonsense to most.
  • Arachnophobia: Terrified of anything spider like- big or small. Due to a "traumatic" experience as a child while training.

Character Backstory.

Eden Barvoril was actually born Yaspira Urixik, and conceived after a night of drunken debauchery by a very young noble girl, Olivia Urixik.

Olivia, a spoiled and very rich young woman, had a habit of sneaking out in the night to go with friends to the less savory side of the kingdom they lived in. It happened so often that it was considered common occurrence and though only spoken about behind closed doors. As it was, it was no surprise that Olivia’s ways would land her pregnant at 14. Her parents thought it a fit punishment and lesson to learn for Olivia to carry and raise the child rather than be rid of it, and so begrudgingly she did just that, and even looked forward to it a little, until she saw what she had birthed. A Tiefling; it was one thing to sleep with one another to give birth to one, clearly!

Olivia would have gotten rid of the child there and then, had she the choice, but her parents forced her to “raise” it, if you could call it that. In truth, Olivia left the care mostly to the house staff, only doing the barest to be involved with the fiend she bore. As such, Eden proved to be a bit of a wild child leaving the staff in a tizzy from the constant problems born of a neglected child: from petty childish scuffles in the yards with the other children at the estate, or climbing around and getting into thing she shouldn’t have been. All the trouble Eden caused, however, ended up with her mother being scolded for her lack of discipline and involvement in Eden's care. An action that was meant to teach the young mother responsibility, but only ended up causing a cascading effect of anger from Olivia to Eden.

At 18, Olivia fell in love for the first time to a well-to-do noble from the neighboring kingdom. Terrified of what he would do if he knew she’d given birth to a tiefling, of all things, she plotted and planned. With the assistance of a few friends, she took her “daughter” out for a picnic with friends in tow, or so she told her parents. Six hours later, Olivia returned claiming that the child had ran off into the woods and she could not find her.

In truth, Olivia and her entourage had trekked out into the woods as far as they could go. Young Eden, truly believing they were going out for a picnic, was over joyed with the idea of finally being able to bond with her mother. Ecstatic that the woman even smiled her way. So when they left her alone at the base of a tree, in the deepest parts of the forest, with only the picnic basket of food and a blanket to keep her company she thought little of it. She simply stayed in place to wait for her mother and her friends to return.

Olivia never did.

It would be a week before Eden was found, by a half-elf named Leothril Barvoril, having refused to stray from her spot too far less she miss her mother’s return.

Leothril Barvoril, a half-elf monk who was exiled from his secular community for reasons Eden never learned, took pity on the little girl, ended up taking her with him after helping come to terms with the fact that her mother had abandoned her and would not return. After such, Leothril took Eden with him to his secluded home in the mountain that the forest sat at the base of, and proceeded to train and teach Eden in the ways of a Monk and survival in the wild away from society.

Given her predisposition to rebellion, there were certain things about being a monk that was harder for Eden to grasp than others (such a patience and a calm temperament), but over-all she was a dedicated and loyal student and looked to Leothril as the parent she’d never had, going as far as changing her name and taking on his surname. Her devotion and love for her pseudo-father is also what pushed her to leave their cabin in the mountains: her father had mysteriously disappeared in the night leaving only a simple note stating: “You have grown strong, and well. I am proud” and never returned again. Eden keeps the note in a pocket of her vest, close to her heart, and now searches to reunite with Leothril in hopes of understanding why he abandoned her.

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