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Back from Gaming and Anime con 2018 February.

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I decided late last year in September that I was going to go to my first ever Anime convention for my 26th birthday. I wanted to try the full whammy experience, cosplaying to staying in the hostel trying to get most out of this experience as possible. Even if it meant going out of my comfort zone cosplaying as Mey-Rin from Black Butler. Walking from and to the Hostel and the convention traveling in the underground tube station.

I have had a brilliant time for a first-hand experience, the only thing I was disappointed was the amount of noise level in the hostel. People coming in late, screaming and shouting slamming doors no consideration to those that were early sleepers. Despite the comforting rules of the hostel for those that were staying I was reassured that they would be respected. But nope, but my roommates were brilliant and made me feel welcome and gotten to know new friends which was a plus side. I just wanted to shout out those that stayed in room 16 at the hostel this weekend and generally making a pleasant experience for me.

For the convention, I really enjoyed the feed back was really awesome. People were so friendly and asked to take my photos and to my surprise it boosted my confidence to try cosplaying again since the comments were brilliant. As a first time goer, I suppose it was a bit chaotic, I had no idea where anything was and couldn't find where you go to collect your landyard. I was a bit disappointed with regards to the dealers I was hoping for more of a selection of manga-artist stuff. Whether that was just me being overwhelmed. Just seemed lot of the stalls were repetitive and very jam-packed so you had a on way system to look at stuff and the noise level was a bit out of my comfort zone due to being hard of hearing and a hearing aid user. But at least I know what to expect now in future cons! =)
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