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DmC: Devil May Cry (Definitive Edition)

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So I bought a few games and am thoroughly enjoying this game. At first I didn't like it and even thought it was a waste of money, I really regretted getting it, so I sold it. But now I bought it again(obviously), and it's pretty fun. Not to mention the OST comes from my abslute favorite aggrotech band: Combichrist. That never hurts. SO! I'll be posting my updates(with screenshots this time) in here, along with any videos of decent combos or really kickass cutscenes. I definitely want to upload a screenshot of Dante's DMC 1 outfit. It's so fucking awesome!!!

Right now I'm trying to get another Upgrade Point by repeating Mission 1. I don't want to make the same mistake as last time and rush through the story, even on Human mode. I know it'd be easy, but where's the fun in that? And how the hell do you unlock Hardcore mode? I need to look that one up.

Skills I have so far:

Ebony & Ivory: Increased Damage Level 2

Rebellion: Stinger +Trillion Stab, Drive +Over Drive

And that's it so far. I have Drive and Over Drive for long-distance attacks since I haven't finished Mission 2 yet, so I don't have the Devil Trigger(claw). And that's it for now! I'll let you know what Upgrade(s) I get next and if I do Mission 1 yet next time.
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  1. Emotive's Avatar
    Well, now I have Ophion and Osiris. Now I just need to be tricky and creative with combos.
  2. Emotive's Avatar
    I've got all of Rebellion's Upgrades, except for Drive Level 2 and Over Drive Level 2. Almost time to work on Osiris. Bought 3 Health Crosses while grinding for Red Orbs/Upgrade Points.
  3. Emotive's Avatar
    Bought all of Rebellion's upgrades and Level 3 damage for Ebony & Ivory.
  4. Emotive's Avatar
    I've been playing Vergil's Downfall for a few days now, mostly to accrue Red Orbs and Upgrade Points. I just need a few more so I can get the last couple of techniques for him. I still need to do Mission 5, then 6. I purchased all of his Health Crosses and 4/5 Devil Trigger Crosses. I only have 1,017 Red Orbs right now though. So far I did get all of the Health Cross Fragments and the Health Cross in one of the first Missions though. Not to mention I got every Lost Soul so far. Now I just need to do Mission 5 and 6. I'm using my Vita's Remote Play to play it and I'm used to the controls now and am getting good at different combos and keeping the rank pretty high most of the time. I'll let you know when I do Missions 5 and 6, and when I collect the rest of the collectibles. Their location has changed in the Definitive Edition. I'm not sure if they did in Dante's story too, but that's pretty weird. Different can sometimes be better.
  5. Emotive's Avatar
    Found a screenshot in my Capture Gallery that I must've taken a week or so ago. I like the subtitles and his expression. Makes him seem human, even though he isn't.
  6. Emotive's Avatar
    Here's one of Vergil with the Skin you get after completing all of the Missions:
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