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Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors (Gameboy Color)

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"Who plays GBC games anymore, you ask?" Well, me, obviously. This isn't the only GBC game I have either, but it's the one I've been playing ever since it came out. It takes forEVER to win with a weak character in a battle either in Battle mode or Story mode. Then, when I finally get all of the cards there are to get, I restart it so I can earn them over and over again! It isn't necessary in the least to get every character up to Level 5, but it's my goal this time. There's... at least 20 fighters to unlock in this game. The ones you can unlock:

Gohan (Kid) [Normal] - SSJ 1 - SSJ 2

Krillin [Normal]

Piccolo [Normal] - Kami (fused) - Evil King Piccolo (I'm guessing this is supposed to mean he absorbed the original Piccolo[from the original DB], but you'd have to ask around)

Goku Normal - SSJ 1 - SSJ 2 - SSJ 3

Vegeta - SSJ 1 - Destruction (Majin)

Gohan (Adult) Base form: SSJ 1 - SSJ 2 - Strongest (Mystic)

Trunks (Future) (Normal) - SSJ 1

Goten (Normal) - SSJ 1

Trunks (Kid) (Normal) - SSJ 1

Gotenks (SSJ 1) - SSJ 3

Vegito (SSJ 1)






Captain Ginyu (Normal) - Goku's Body {different from Goku's image insofar as the gi is purple, or purplish. Yeah, he's wearing Goku's clothes too! }

Frieza (Final Form - the sleek version, not buff one)

Android 16

Android 17 (Sorry, no Super 17)

Android 18

Android 19

Dr. Gero

Cell (Normal) - 2nd form - Perfect

Cell Jr.

Majin Buu (The big Buu - Separate character from Super/Evil Buu)

Super Buu (Normal) - Gotenks absorbed - Gohan absorbed - Kid

This game is played using cards, but simplified cards, nothing like the CCG. First, there's Damage Attacks, Beam Attacks, Command Cards, Defensive Cards and Support cards. There's also something called Card Cost that the cards(other than Command Cards, which help you build CC) need in order to use. You start with 10 at each battle, automatically gain 3 during your Attack Phase, and when you take enough damage from one turn on the defensive. It's a turn-based game, which is why I LOOOOVE IT!!! Defensive cards can either increase your chance to avoid an incoming attack, or stop your opponent's Command Input(from a Command Card). Command Cards go from 3 to 6. Your first opportunity to get a 6-Stage Attack (the Command Cards have that in their description: -Stage Attack) is after defeating Kid Buu in the Story mode, but that's when the fun starts! After you finish Story mode, you unlock Battle mode, which lets you fight as long as you keep winning! And you start with full Health each time!! Position can be 1 of 4(or technically 6) spots on the screen. Upper left in the player's case, otherwise referred to as the "back row," i.e., Upper Back Row/Lower Back Row and Upper Front Row/Lower Front Row. While you're in the back row, all damage is decreased. It's further decreased insofar as Damage resistance in the air, and Beam resistance is on the ground. Damage Attacks, such as Cont. Kick/Cont. Punch offer physical damage against an opponent, while Energy Beam/Energy Shot offers Beam attacks that deplete the enemy's life. There's a wide assortment of cards in the game, and I'll further explain it at some point, but I think you've got the gist of it. Right now I'm fighting as Super Saiyan Goku against Frieza on Namek. He won't go down easily! He never does! >.< But hey, where's the fun in easy? lol I'll put my progress up in here after a few Story fights.


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