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I got this for my birthday along with a $50 PS Store gift card that I used foolishly on the Season Pass. >.> I did get the Horus outfit and mount from mom and dad preordering it though! And I had about $20 left, so I used those to buy Helix Points to get some Legendary Weapons/Shields. Here's what I got with Helix Points so far:

Crescent Moon (Legendary Hunter Bow) : Level 1 : Quality 15 : Damage 100/s : +4 Charging Speed (1st) : +2 Combo Multiplier (2nd) : On Fire (3rd) | Pretty fun to watch enemies try to attack when they're on fire. LoL |

Lion's Mane (Legendary Hunter Bow) : Level 1 : Quality 13 : Damage 95/s : +3 Charging Speed (1st) : +2 Critical Hit Damage (2nd) : Health on Kill (3rd) | More accurate and discreet than the Crescent Moon in my opinion. My main bow. |

Corrupted Soul (Legendary Light Bow) : Level 10 : Quality 32 : Damage 213/s : +3 Rate of Fire (1st) : +2 Bleeding on Hit (2nd) : Health for Critical (3rd) | I'm still in Siwa at Level 6 so I haven't had the chance to use this one yet. |

Morning Sun (Legendary Light Bow) : Level 1 : Quality 14 : Damage 130/s : +3 Rate of Fire (1st) : +2 Adrenaline on Kill (2nd) : Ranged Hit Multiplier (3rd) | Don't really use this one right now. Yet. |

Swift Branch (Rare Warrior Bow) : Level 5 : Quality 17 : Damage 255/s : +2 Precision (1st) : +2 Critical Hit Rate (2nd) | Haven't really used his one either. Haven't needed to. |

Whisper of Death (Predator Bow) : Level 4 : Quality 12 : Damage 133/s : +2 Stealth Damage | I'm wary of relying on the Predator Bows too much given the few arrow quantities for them. I prefer Hunter Bows to be honest. Still, got it from the Ubisoft store, so, might as well use it soon as an experiment. |

Hercules' Gladius (Legendary Regular Sword) : Level 1 : Quality 17 : Damage 65/s : +3 Critical Hit Rate (1st) : +4 Combo Multiplier (2nd) : Health on Hit (3rd) | Was my main melee till I got Flickering Daggers. |

Calamity Blade (Legendary Regular Sword) : Level 3 : Quality 15 : Damage 70/s : +3 Critical Hit Rate (1st) : +2 Bleeding on Hit (2nd) | This one might have been there as another preorder bonus because there's no 3rd attribute to this Legendary Regular Sword, and it was free. |

Vox Populi (Legendary Regular Sword) : Level 1 : Quality 14 : Damage 61/s : +2 Critical Hit Rate (1st) : +3 Combo Multiplier (2nd) : Instant Charging (3rd) | Keeping this one in my back pocket for a shield fest. |

Aruna (Legendary Sickle Sword) : Level 5 : Quality 20 : Damage 77/1 : +2 Bleeding on Hit (1s) : +2 Adrenaline on Hurt (2nd) : Health for Critical (3rd) | My melee when I need a shield. |

Thorn (Legendary Sickle Sword) : Level 1 : Quality 12 : Damage 57/s : +2 Bleeding on Hit (1st) : +2 Critical Hit Rate (2nd) : Sleep on Hit (3rd) | Love this one. |

Flickering Daggers (Legendary Dual Sword) : Level 5 : Quality 23 : Damage 80/s : +3 Adrenalne Regeneration : +3 Adrenaline on Hurt : Health on Hit | These are great for Overpower Attack spamming and Adrenaline building while keeping you alive with each attack that lands. The Overpower Attack for these overrides shields! |

Divid et Impera (Legendary Heavy Blade) : Level 1 : Quality 15 : Damage 62/s : +3 Adrenaline on Hurt (1st) : +3 Combo Multiplier (2nd) : Health on Hit (3rd) | Too slow for my taste really. Wish I would've waited to see how a Heavy Blade moved before I got this and wasted so many Helix Points on it. >.> |

Apep's Staff (Legendary Scepter) : Level 1 : Quality 14 : Damage 42/s : +3 Combo Multiplier (1st) : +2 Bleeding on Hit (2nd) : Bleeding on Hit (3rd) | This is especially effective while riding your mount and chasing. |

Vincit qui Patitur (Legendary Shield) : Level 1 : Quality 14 : +126 HP : +3 Melee Resistance (1st) : +2 Adrenaline on Parry (2nd) : Health on Parry (3rd) | This is my go-to Shield. |

Sun and Moon (Legendary Shield) : Level 1 : Quality 14 : +126 HP : +3 Ranged Resistance (1st) : +2 Fire Resistance (2nd) : Bleeding on Block (3rd) | Haven't used this much after I got Vincit qui Patitur. Useful though. |

There's all of my gear. When I finish the sidequest Hideaway I'll let you know how it went. ^.^
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Assassin's Creed Origins


  1. Griever's Avatar
    I've been killing Leopards and Gazelles for some goods to sell to Benipe (the Blacksmith) so I can upgrade Hercules' Gladius to my level. I have enough, so I'm going to do that now. Afterwords, I'll be trying to accrue another 1,500 Drachmas for the Vincit qui Patitul upgrade. Then I'll upgrade the Thorn and Apep's Staff. Sooo, that's 4,500 Drachmas total after this. It actually shouldn't take too long. Especially if I can interrupt Drachma transportations. I still need to do Hideaway, but I think it'll be more fun with upgraded weapons. Safer too.
  2. Griever's Avatar
    I started over because some kind of dark covering or shadow was creeping in on Siwa because I've been taking so long. This time I won't be as slow and leisurely as I was. >.<
  3. Griever's Avatar
    I figured out how to reset the blacksmiths if you run into them and push them back, rendering them unable to interact. Just press the Options button(to the right of the large, center one), press LEFT, then go to Return to Title. After you do that and load the file again you'll be able to interact with them again.
  4. Griever's Avatar
    Apparently, later on in the game, you can purchase rare weapons from someone by the name of Nomad. I just hope it isn't near the END of the game. I mean, where's the fun in that?
  5. Griever's Avatar
    I mentioned this before in my AL Journal, but I'm at level 6 at the beginning where you need to kill Medunamun. Only 500 experience to go before I reach level 7!!!
  6. Griever's Avatar
    I've found out that if you eradicate all military outpost personnel then you won't, I repeat, will NOT be able to take any resources from transports. Might've been a no-brainer, but just in case.
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