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Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con

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So Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con 2017 was last weekend it was great, a lot of hard work, but it paid off as I had such a blast! Facebook keeps reminding me of this cringe of a video from CAGC 2016 and the status to go with it is terrible XD SUPER CHEESY! and I mean CHEESE!. Basically this was when I was crewing I think this was my 3rd time crewing, but my 1st in Cardiff cause I always crewed at Bristol as thats where I live.

I think this was the Clan Battle and I was on a break for like 5 minutes and no one wanted to go on stage so I thought why not cause I'm an attention whore (should of really took my crew t-shirt off but shhh). This is why I liked this song so much was because 1. At my mums drama school I worked at as the lighting/sound technican I choeagraphed a dance to this song as we were doing Mulan for the children. Very simple dance....she says as she forgot it half way through this video So please enjoy the video below I'll also put the status with it and please don't judge haha

(WARNING!!! A LONG SOPPY STATUS COMING UP!! XD) So Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con...what do I say? This is my 3rd AnimeLeague convention and this is the first one I volunteered at. Everytime I go you meet the nicest people there, everyone is friendly and just wants to make sure you have a fun time! The crew is amazing!! This is probarly the first con I got up on stage infront of everyone and sang on my own, normally my anxiety would take and I never thought of doing such a thing, but this community accepts you as you are and doesn't judge you like others do!! I sang I'll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan as that was the only thing that came to mind as the Cheryl Rowlands School Of Drama just did their summer show on it and I tried to remember the dance I made for it but forgot halfway through lol XD but I did win Angel Magick Cosplay poster which is defo going onto my Univeristy room I loved working with the crew this weekend!! Big Boss Michael Towers is amazing and I am glad to be part of the crew it was hard work but I had an amazing time this weekend! Stage team was awesome to work as well as the Registragtion team and I don't know how you managed everyone throughout the weekend Stephen Sykes but you did and that was awesome! I made so many new friends Kendra Morgan, Bethany Beck, James Rowley and others TEAM MOONWALK ALL THE WAY WITH Donald Manning and I loved speaking to Jeffrey Chim and seeing Jeffersaura and Baymax out having fun!! Hope everyone enjoyed the con over the weekend and I'll defo be back crewing at Bristol in Novemebr!! Probs the next meet up will be the Bristol Big Meet so look forward to seeing all of you there hopefully!! <3 xx

Now 1 year on I'm now one of the presenters for Stage and I love my presenter buddy @CountAndre and have a wonderful adorable little cutie that gives me destress hugs and kisses I'm only small and get stressed easily which I will work on people hehe Please enjoy the pictures of my wonderful boys I love too much and can't wait to see at Alcon

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    see you at Alcon
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