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Alias: Azariel, Zadkiel, Hapi, Neptune, The Angel Whom God has Bound by Oath,

Physical Appearance: In truth, originally, Asariel had no physical form. However, when he is in a humanoid vessel he stands at the towering height of 6'6, and weighs over 200 lbs in what seems to be pure muscle. His hair is a fiery bright orange, and his eyes are an aqua-marine green. In his heavenly form his eyes have no pupils.

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Species: Celestial Being (Angel)

General Sizes: 6'6", 240 lbs

Occupation: Archangel, The patron saint of waves and the angel of truth, emotions, dreams, intuition, and creativity.

Sexual Orientation: Pan-sexual

Marital Status: Single

Affiliations in AL: YN

Personality: Asariel comes off naively innocent, almost puppy dog like. He has an ever present smile and never seems to become upset or frustrated. As the angel of emotions, dreams, intuition, and creativity Asariel has an infinity for the arts: music, painting, dancing, even acting. His favorite past time, however, remains art and being able to create beauty with his own hands like his heavenly father does. It is easy to confuse Asariel's willingness to believe the best in all creatures and his habit of trusting everyone he meets without question with naivete and even stupidity, and Asariel isn't the type to correct people of their perceptions; however he is still a warrior of his father's kingdom above all else, and as such that friendly and warm demeanor can turn to cold mercilessness with the snap of a finger. Few have survived his wraith when it has come forth, rare as it may be.

History: Beyond Asarial knowing who he is, he has no recollection of what he was doing or who he was as an individual beyond his sudden appearance in a tavern full of, what he initially thought, was demons. He had been battled crazed, admittedly, though he cannot remember what battle he had been fighting or how he ended up covered in blood prior to his arrival at the tavern. He was overpowered by the tavern's owner, a satyr of all things. When he awoke next, it was in a covered wagon in the middle of nature and a large, large lake.


*Warrior: Asariel is a skilled fighter with a staff like weapons.
*Detect the Truth: Asariel has an innate ability to know when things like gossip, rumors, are based on lies as well as when he is being lied to. It takes a skilled liar to fool him completely.
*Detect Evil Presence: Can sense creatures of evil origin, or whose souls have been consumed by evil intent.
*Safe Presence: Asariel naturally exudes a safe and calming presence. One might think of him like a walking and talking security blanket. It makes it that people naturally have a hard time deceiving or lying to him (when they do so to guard themselves - this does not effect people with ill intent nearly as much though it may give them pause for thought and urge them to reconsider wronging him).


*Water Manipulation: Can manipulate water, even pulling it from the air or from someones body with the right amount of concentration, to be used as a weapon.
*Speak with the Dead: For a short time, if the person has not been dead for too long, Asariel can hold their spirit long enough to speak with them for approximately ten minutes. During that time, the spirit cannot lie to him.
*Shield/Protection: Can create a temporary shield of divine protection that will cover up to a 20 foot half radius.
*Illusion: with the use of water particles he can temporarily create incorporeal copies of himself or others (think holographic image)
*Divine Sight: On the occasion Asariel can receive prophetic visions, or can cause those around him who have prolonged exposure to him, to receive such cryptic visions (not always controlled).

Items of Note: Asariel can summon and form a trident from water. This trident serves as his primary weapon, however the less water he has at his fingertips the longer it takes to form.

Other: TBD

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