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LIAGC 2017

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I know it a month late but I had a tech problem and working has been hell. but anyway here it is.

This was cool day I left home early to get the train down and arrived in Liverpool about 11ish so made my way down to hostel to drop off my bag and do some paperwork so while I wait I thought I made a bee line for forbidden planet and see if I could get a book to read I did not but what I did find were two gentlemen Matt and chopstick (his nickname). Who was going to the con? Great, they were not sure where the con was exactly so I showed them. As we got walking and talking told them about a gaming café in Liverpool. They said yes so we walked to the con entrance. Then we made are way to the gaming café getting a little lost on the way, finding it and waiting for it to open. Stay there had lunch there. Until there then agreeing to meet up later to have a drink in the caravan club which unfortunately that never happen but I do go inside and enjoy the music history and a pint.

Day 1

First thing on my list goes to the icebreaker event. Which I really enjoyed as I would meet people there through games and fun. I remember loads of people shout questions at me while trying to guess whom Viktor was from Yuri on ice. All I asked was does he ice-stake?
After that was the crazy posing game. Which even now I can remember the first 6 poses. During that a gentleman named Allen, nice guy. After I think jumped to gaming and signed up for the Halo tournament at 3 pm. Mistake 1 (I’ll explain later)
Next thing clan battle this I jumped in head first not realising what I had just signed up for. my first thought was we do a lip sync battle. 1vs1. OH was I wrong no group lip sync and we had no choice on what was the song. I don’t remember the shogun clan song but the villain's song was Aqua- Barbie girl. CRUSE YOU TECHIES. I bite my lip and danced best I could but thanks to a person cosplaying as Tokyo Ghoul character he blocked the sight of most people from awful dancing. Thank you, sir. We won that Surprisingly.
After that, I meet up with chopstick saw the whole thing we giggled and went to find Matt who was checking the stall out. So we hung out we found the main stage again and took part in the big geek adventure which was an interactive story where the suggested the story and where I went. Very good a lot a funny answer. After that, I went to get some lunch. Mistake 2. Looking back I wish I hadn’t as that Dub that anime was on. I had caught a glimpse of that at the end I wished I stayed to watch more.
Mistake 3. So it was 15min to 3 went to gaming to see If I could play halo to quick practice in. No so went into a tournament with no practice and lost in the first round but I was close so it not to bad. I call that a mistake not because of the lost because I clashed with the cosplay masquerade was on the same I did get out to see it. there was a Sunday one but explain why I had to move away from that all of sudden.
So next thing YouTube beginners guide panel, which personally I found really interesting and someone I follow on YouTube was the host. Which was cool. As I was leaving I heard something that made my very nervous. Turns out the YouTube I follow were “hosting” karaoke later that day. In about an hour, so for the next hour grabbed a bite I walked around getting my thought together and practice.
So the thing was karaoke.
Very quick back-story about a month. I said on the forums for the event I said I would karaoke and I would let the forum decide so I narrowed down to 7 songs. And let them decide. It turns out to be Queen – B R.
So there I am in the queue too but my name down and the song. People going on before I and I met a group were singing along and we got talking and calmed my nerves. So my turn came up and the song came on the screen and everyone went OHH. That was a relief. so went up and said the forums decide this song and got a cheer. So the song stared I sang and everyone starting sings back. It the most amazing feeling ever. It was like every had it point I even throw in a lee evens joke mid-song and it hit. I’m not to get big-headed here but the crowd of about 50ish was in my palm of my hand. It was an amazing feeling. After I felt really sorry because no sang after that for a while. I sat down with a group shaking like a tree. They said that was an amazing. I thanked them and told I'm just slipping out for a moment to gather my thought. Popped next door to the gaming room and someone saw me and asked was that you guys. I replied, “yes”. That sounded amazing. So I went to get a drink of water. And just to text friend at home telling about was happen. After I sent a few text and messages explaining what happens. I went back inside to finish to chat with amazing and singing along with everyone.
Right, answer 1. I was thinking of going to the big geek quiz but ill be honest I walked pass it a few times and it looked a bit empty on numbers. So I made the right answer on staying in the karaoke.
So after they kicked us out of karaoke some went to the big geek party night. Which was really amazing it was a bit quiet at the start but we made our own fun by playing football with a pencil. Which I made a goal out of my shirt and jumper. then the glow stick came out and everyone made crazy stuff with it.
Everyone was dancing having a good time for someone comes from a place of top 40 all the time it good to hear something different and remixes.
Many others and I were dancing until whenever I decide to leave about 10/11ish. so I could be ready the for the next day

Day 2

This was different day as it quieter than Saturday but still good day like an idiot. I am got there super early D’oh but after they let us in I hung around and found Alan and we made a beeline for super smash bro on the wiiU. Alan had the crazy idea of making a crazy match. So 300% one hit kill. Sonic vs. Kirby, a video that I got my ass handed to me. Lol, oh well. So I signed up for the 1vs1 tournament no crazy game like before, this a normal game after I wonder around I found an interesting game of werewolf which I never heard or even played before. It was surprising it really easy and deffo playing again if the tournament was starting I would have stayed for another game.
I enter the Mario Kart tournament I was lucky with this one I got practice in before the tournament. Which I got kicked out in the first round but I was second and it the winner that went though so it was a complete was. so I made my back to ware wolf game and played another round. Which I messed up royally.
3 pm was the cosplay masquerade. Which I missed yesterday due to the tournament so I said I would not miss this. But unfortunately, I could not stay long. Before I give the reason why let just say I'm not a bad person. So I grabbed a seat and sat down. A minute a later a large man sat next normally I wouldn’t mind but this person stinks like he had not showered for weeks, I felt really uncomfortable so I made the excuses to get a drink, in reality, I just wanted to get out of there. Which is a shame as the cosplay that I saw from everyone was really good I just something forced me out. So I watched it and then made my way to next thing.
Which was the cosplay anti-bullying talk which in hindsight I which I went to other talks on similar topics, which were on Saturday. But the talk itself was very good. After I really want to go to the Marvel vs. DC audience debate but I think the audience from the music in anime had kind of taken over. I was little disappointed but I really wasn’t to hold it against them as there were dancing and having a good time so I was not going to be an old man in the situation. So I wondered I ended up watching some anime. I got a chance to watch recent episode of attack on titan, which I had watched yet. Also, I got to watch an interesting anime which I have been to watch but I could the tail end but I will watch more of it. I wanted to grab some food, while the live bands were on.
Looked at my watch it was almost 6 I made my way to karaoke thought no way lighting will strike twice so I gave it another go and did Tom Jones – Delilah, why not I thought again every song which looking back was amazing, I was every lucky I got too close out the karaoke by doing smash mouth which was amazing and really thankful to the host who squeezed me in. so thank you.
So we most of us made their way to the next door carry on partying which at the start was a bit quite but I picked up and once everyone started it all start with the attachments of the glow stick to make Hulu hoop they skipping rope then to limbo then the dancing everyone doing the cha cha slide just everyone dancing the night away. It finished about 10 pm, which I found to be a good time were tired out. So I walked back to the YHA

I left in the morning and I travelled I made a playlist to jog my memory.
It got me thinking this is the best con I have gone to. And how cheap it was for the amount of stuff you can do.
I’ve been to other cons but I here a Celebrity pay money to get a picture.
But with this, there was none of that which I was really happy with. I am met people but one or two. But here I met loads of people and had a conversion.

So my overall grade is 9.5
Deffo go again and will.

Good points:
No force on buying stuff.
friendly staff and people.
stuff to do

Bad points:
It more at the venue but food was a bit expensive,
Something getting cancelled.


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