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Wig Styling and Likkle Cosplay Confidence!

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I am going to be completly honest here! I barely style my wigs because usually they are short in length and I just brush it and everything is fine.

WELL... this Coco Bandicoot cosplay required a bit more of styling than my other cosplays. This wig styling is from HELL I'm still not 100% happy with it, but its better than nothing at all. What I found out is that its ok to do your own version rather than having it PERFECT to the original. I know alot of people like it too be an excact replicaer of the charecter when cosplaying, but I find that as long as you feel you look great it doesn't matter I always tell beginners that theres no need to get absolutly everything correct because then it feels like cosplaying is more of a chore than a hobby and something you do because you like it. I'm not saying that getting it perfect is wrong by no means, and please don't take my word for the truth because I don't consider myself an expert I'm still learning also, hence the wig styling! But I feel alot of people nowadays judge too quickly when we should really unite eachother. My mum always says to be careful when cosplaying because she doesn't want people making negative comments because I haven't got the right shoes, however I don't care what people think some people will always find something negative to say because they are either jealous or want to cause drama for fun!

So onto the actual reason I made this blog post

Below is Coco Bandicoot tried to style the wig like her hair! As we go through you see there was alot of hair and I mean ALOT! I have never had so much hair in my life as I usually have a short bob because I can't be bothered to deal with my hair just wash and brush it xD Its at times like these I wish I was more into beauty/fashion etc but at the same time I'm willing to learn even at 19 I quite like the turn out the only thing i'll add to it is hairspray LOADS OF THE STUFF just cause its everywhere! My room is litterally covered in yellow hair from brushing and styling it.

Attachment 45017`
Attachment 45018
Attachment 45019
Attachment 45020

I'll be wearing this on Saturday (10th June) for Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con and I hope it isn't too much of a hassle while I'm presenting on stage! If it does i'll probs swap out of my cosplay cause I'm busy enough as it is
Hope you enjoyed this and hoping to do more in the furture!

See ya later likkle minions! <3
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  1. Aeri's Avatar
    Good job!!
  2. MoistCloyster's Avatar
    looks great
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