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Kylar Graves

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Name: Kylar Graves

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Crime: Convicted for possession of illegal drugs and arson, which resulted in a manslaughter charge due to a minor dying in the blaze.

Appearance: Kylar has short shoulder length black hair with blue streaks, light green eyes.

Personality: Kylar is quiet most of the time and isnít quick to anger.

History: As a child Kylar was rarely in trouble it was only when she reached junior high that she fell in with the wrong crowd and things descended from there. She first began to dabble in weed, before moving up to cocaine; impressing one of the local dealers she soon found herself in a completely different world. She was caught at the scene of an arson attempt gone wrong, completely high and in possession of illegal drugs, it was only after the fire had been put out that they discovered the remains of a minor, bumping Kylarís charges up to manslaughter. The judge sentenced her to 25 years without parole, for her complete lack of remorse at what she had done.

In 1999, instead of being sent to Julia Tutwiler Prison, she was taken in by the organization for the Butterfly Effect. There she was trained and molded into an assassin fit for the organization with 12 of her "peers". A year later, she underwent "The Neuro-Project", a new human experimentation program whose purpose was to enhanced human senses in their field agents. The testing was successful, but all save for 2 were killed off during an undercover mission. The project was considered a failure and abandoned so that the new head of the Research and Development staff could in secrecy, break all the laws of human experimentation and create better, stronger, results.

Kylar, along with the other survivor, were given promotions and given staff positions. The one works directly for the Head Administrator, while Kylar was given a position in Counter Intelligence department. She would have remained there, until her new orders were given to personally assist and oversee the new "recruits" of "Project : Sub-Metamorphosis."

Unlike the others, Kylar has not been given enhanced physical human traits. Kylar is physically, a healthy adult normal woman. However, Kylar has received exceptional training for many different types of situations, as well as hand to hand combat and training with firearms and knives.

Kylar does have enhanced hearing. Unlike normal humans, who can only hear at approximately 20 kHz, Kylar can hear from 100 kHz. This enables her to specifically listen to things such as heartbeats (without the need to press one's ear against another's chest) to even hearing a pin drop in a crowded dance club. She even extend this ability further by listening for particular rhythms within the body and detect if a person is lying. However, those who can master their emotions and thoughts can negate this ability. She can hear clearly for up to 5 miles. Her ear has been modified so that loud noises do not cause her greater discomfort due to her enhanced hearing.

The limits to her ability are that she must focus on a sound in order to listen for it. If distracted, she cannot pinpoint what it is she's looking for. Her other weaknesses are that for all intents and purposes, Kylar is a normal human being and is in greater danger than any of the others when facing an enhanced human opponent.
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