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So promised pics of my pokemon stuff. :D dunno if anyone's interested though..

Linking the images due to sizing :sweatdrop: they're pretty big..

Pokemon figurines - [url][/url]
B/W guide book - [url][/url] and [url][/url]
HG/SS guide books - [url][/url]
Stylus, case, games, things - [url][/url]

Hope you enjoy, and please comment, also don't mind my blanket cover >> I'm a girl so what... :P


  1. Heartless's Avatar
    The black and white guide looks really cool. I like the silver lineart =)
  2. Lady.River's Avatar
    It's so looovely isn't it? edition <3 I think cause that cover is limited edition as you can get a standard cover...and it's hard cover too

    I should take a pic of the pic on my door, but well it's lenticular ^^;
  3. Empyre's Avatar
    I love the stylus's, I use the Snivy one myself...This may sound weird, but it so much better than using the regular DS pen, no hand cramp, whey!
  4. Lady.River's Avatar
    I use my Snivy one too! and yush no hand cramp, it's like using a pencil...
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