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You've Been Shapwnt! :D

Very Confused...

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I have no idea what to do with my life...

I used to be so sure and now I'm at that stage where I'm like " I really want to do that?" and now I'm scared I'll make a mistake and now I have no idea what I want to do and I think my whole life is gonna spiral down hill and I'm gonna end up alone and poor D:

I don't like picking A levels.


I applied for a job yesterday at Next.

It meant lots of arguments for me and my mum...


My geography teacher called me a Seal.

But it's cool 'cause we talked about pokemon.


Mr P: What is Chenai also known as. Hint: A very hot curry.
Everyone: Madras.
Me: *utterly confident* MEXICAN!

I'm not blonde D:


Rach: It's increasing.
Me: It's not increasing - there's just more people!



I have made lots of paper cranes.
So many I have memorised how to make them...

Okay, I made like 6.


Comic Relief on friday! My school is having mufti day <3




I want to watch a film - any suggestions?


Short blog post is short as I can't think of anything to say :(


  1. Enz's Avatar
    ok seriously you are 16, stop worrying about life. When it comes to doing something in life find out what makes you happy as that's potentially where your passions are, pick your a-levels based on whether or not they'll help you get to that place/goal. E.g. I like fashion, I want to own a clothing line or design clothes in the future therefore I will pick A-levels that will help me work towards that goal.
  2. Shana's Avatar
    Oh Axwell <3 You're so honest

    My friend suggested journalism It sounds interesting :3
  3. AnimeRoxas's Avatar
    You have a teacher who likes Pokemon?

    closest I had to a gaming teacher was someone who mentioned Final Fantasy back in second year...
  4. Enz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shana
    Oh Axwell <3 You're so honest

    My friend suggested journalism It sounds interesting :3
    well if that's what peaks your interest then look into it thoroughly before defo choosing to do it. Make sure you go into your A-levels/degree knowing that it's defo what you want to do otherwise the next few years will be miserable *speakingfrommyownexperience*
  5. Shana's Avatar
    He was asking me about which pokemon games to get his daughter XD

    And it does seem like something I would like to do. My mind is everywhere right now, but I'm keeping my options open with Biology, English Literature, Art and Design and Geography
  6. AnimeRoxas's Avatar
    The right answer to that question is 'Anything that isn't 3rd gen'.
  7. Shana's Avatar
    I told him to get the Ranger one cause his daughter is only young