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Isen 'Ice' Cristalle

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Name: Isen ‘Ice’ Cristalle

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Position: Not with the circus/General Store owner

Appearance: 5ft 9inches, Ice has short black hair with a streak of white running through it. His eyes are a brilliant cerulean blue although his left is slightly duller due to an accident and he is only partially sighted, he has a scar running down his left cheek, staring from above his left eye and finishing just above his jawline. Ice is normally clothed in dark button up shirts and black trousers, and often sports a long leather jacket and steel-toed boots.

History: Ice had always been fascinated by the circus since he was a young boy and his ability to manipulate water into ice had many believing that he would one day up and join the circus so it came as a surprise to many when he opened up the General Store in town to ensure that the travelling circus was able to buy supplies for a discounted rate. Some say it had something to do with the mysterious owner of the circus but despite numerous questions Ice refuses to be drawn into idle gossip and rarely does he display his ice making skills in public content to remain as anonymous as possible in part due to an accident when displaying a particular skill that left him both scarred and blinded on his left side.
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