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Deputy Chief Raul Hernandez

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Name: Deputy Chief Raul Hernandez

Age: 45

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Raul stands at 5ft 5inches and has short grey hair partly due to the stresses of work. He has brown eyes and often sports a short beard. He tends to dress in regulation issued police clothing but when not at work he can be found in jeans and long sleeved shirts.

Personality: Cold, calculating.

Position: Neutral


Raul Hernandez has been with the West County Police Department for 27 years, of those 27 years in service upholding the law and bringing justice to victims of crime he has seen almost everything. Working under Chief Sarah McKenzie he learnt that the world wasn’t as black and white as it appeared to be and despite her appearance Sarah herself was a colourful speck in a dull grey world. He had always admired the Chief and when she appointed him as her youngest Deputy when he was 30, to say he was overjoyed was an understatement. The pair of them ended up working closely together and all that time together eventually led to a relationship between the pair that became intimate. Sarah shared with him her fears about Ryan and her double life, trying to fight justice on both sides of the law but ultimately how she feared Ryan would one day end up dead. Hernandez had ambitions to become Chief but when it appeared that Sarah was no closer to retiring he felt he had to do something, running into Quint Raynor helped sway his decision; the crime boss wanted Ryan McKenzie to suffer and Hernandez feeling no attachment to the younger McKenzie agreed giving Quint the plans to the precinct and ordering the hit on Chief Sarah McKenzie. In exchange for his co-operation Quint gave Hernandez copies of Ryan’s hit on Nathaniel Grey, ensuring that the soon to be Chief of Police had leverage against the younger McKenzie should he need to take advantage of it.

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