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Quint Raynor

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Name: Quint Raynor

Age: 30

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Quint stands at 6ft tall and has long black hair that is normally tied back in a loose pony tail. He has bright cerulean blue eyes and a scar across his right cheek, a memento of an encounter with Ryan McKenzie. He tends to dress in short sleeved shirts, black trousers and black steel toed boots. He is more often than not seen wearing a long black leather jacket.

Personality: Carefree but protective of those he cares about. Willing to compromise to gain an end result.

Position: Criminal

History: Quint Raynor is not your average criminal mastermind for unlike some others within CityScape he has remained under the CityScape Police’s radar despite his connections to many shady crimes within the city limits. He took Ryan McKenzie under his wing when she first arrived in CityScape, keen to mould her into his understudy despite her previous past of working as a beat Cop. He had learnt everything there was to know about Ryan, right down to the intimate details before she ran from him; proclaiming this was no longer the life for her. He hadn’t taken the rejection well causing the pair of them to end up in a fight and despite her blindness, Ryan had been able to mark him, he admired her strength and tenacity but her betrayal had hit him hard and he saw fit to set the woman up with a crime that not even she could worm her way out of.

Word had reached him that Ryan had been released and was currently working as an Officer of the CityScape Police Department under the command of Chief Jacy Pane, this intrigued him greatly for Ryan had once confessed to him in the confines of his bedroom that rules were meant to be broken and that the laws upheld by the Police were just another set of rules that could and sometimes needed to be broken in order for justice to be upheld.

Ryan was a person of interest and Quint would do all within his power to have back within his employment once more.

Ryan McKenzie & Quint Raynor - A History

Ryan McKenzie, a former beat cop from another city arrived in CityScape full of dreams and wonder. Eager to form her own path in life away from that of her Mother and her Mother’s rules but so far things in CityScape hadn’t gone the young woman’s way. She’d managed to secure accommodation at what one would consider a dive for all intents and purposes but the rent was cheap and Ryan couldn’t afford anything more lavish even if she wanted to, her mother effectively cutting her off until she ‘came to her senses’.

Being in such a dive had its perks of course Ryan fell into the wrong crowd, began to smoke and drink heavily pulled a few not exactly legal jobs to make some money; it was these jobs that caught the eye of Quint Raynor. He watched Ryan for a couple of weeks before he made his move, deciding to flirt with her at a dive of a bar one evening that she was in looking for work. At first she spurned his advances telling him she wasn’t interested in what he had to offer, but after a few shots of whiskey and a lot of talking he was finally able to convince her to join his operation; proclaiming that being an ex-cop gave her all the talents he needed for a partner in crime. After the alcohol, Ryan found him hard to resist and the rebel within her decided to rebel indefinitely.

They were good together not just as a couple but as criminals as well, Ryan’s inside knowledge into how the law worked proved vital at enabling Quint to take down a few of his enemies and watching her in action set his blood ablaze. Modern weaponry was not her strong suit but marital arts and tonfa gave her an unmistakable edge and he had borne witness to her killing without remorse and with no regret. He would always remember the first time she killed a man by breaking his neck with her bare hands; it was an image that would remind him of just how deadly Ryan could be.

Away from the criminal activities and in the safety and comfort of his numerous safe houses, that was when Quint learnt about the real Ryan McKenzie and not the tough, no nonsense façade that existed when she was it out and about in CityScape. No, Ryan McKenzie was a women driven by passion and could love just as well as she could hate. She opened up to him, told him of her time working for her Mother and her desire to uphold the law at any cost. In those intimate moments he pulled from her details about locations and layouts including that of her Mother’s precinct which she gave up willingly because Quint was someone she trusted, the first since coming to CityScape and ultimately the last as well.

Quint had learnt everything, every detail not only about Ryan’s past but about her as a woman. Underneath the bravado she was an insecure woman who needed reassurances about her appearance just like anyone, pay her a few compliments and she almost became putty in his hands but still there was an edge that not even he could break; not when it came to loving her or making love to her. He was certain that she had fallen for him, could see it in her one good eye but when she found out about his plans to cause damage to the CityScape PD; she chose to break away from him. No matter her dealings with criminals and gangs, the one thing she still held in high regard were those that lived to serve and protect the innocent. Quint was enraged, proclaimed that she owed him and that she belonged to him and as long as he drew breath she wasn’t free to leave.

Whilst it might have been true that Quint had pulled her from the dives of CityScape, Ryan was still her own person and no one not even the great criminal mastermind Quint Raynor could own her. The fight was brutal, first it started with an argument that quickly descended into an all-out fist fight and Quint was reminded that Ryan McKenzie could kick any man’s ass and she was reminded about the promise her younger self had made to her mother all those years ago.

Bleeding and nursing a broken hand, she limped away from Quint’s fancy house and returned to the dive she had first holed up in until she was well enough to move about the city again freely. Two months to the day since she left Quint she found herself under arrest courtesy of the CityScape PD.

Quint wasn’t left without scars, Ryan had managed to clock him good on the right side of his face and the scar was an ever present reminder of how good Ryan McKenzie was. He continued with his shady dealings but left the CSPD alone for the time being. He set the perfect crime to have Ryan arrested, using techniques he had picked up from watching her and had been delighted to learn through his contacts at the CSPD that she had been arrested only to be angered two days later when he learned of her release and possible deal with the Chief. Using the information he had gained from Ryan at her most vulnerable he set up the hit on her Mother and her precinct knowing it would take the younger McKenzie a while to figure out it was him. In the meantime he’d ensured she was followed at all times by a reliable source.

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