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  1. Can you get on skype?
  2. Alright. I should have the first drafts to you soon enough, then let you look through them while I do a rank bar and fix issues while also working on awards. I haven't had internet for most of the day, so I fell behind.
  3. Get on if you have any questions about the graphics.
  4. No. I'm working on getting 3 awards, a Hmod rank bar and the 3 images you want worked on.
  5. You on AIM, Sandy?
  6. I'll log on now.
  7. You abouts on aim?
  8. Approaching 70 assistants-mark. Never under-estimate my skillz!
  9. I'm leaving in a bit, so I can't go in now. =/
  10. Click "Chat" at the top, Sandy, need to have a quick admin chat in #animeleaguestaff.
  11. Hey Sandy, can you get onto AIM pls?
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