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  1. So this is the name u r stuck with for the rest of ur AL life!
  2. I know XD.
  3. ok good, stop changing ur name plz though
  4. Yeah its me XD
  5. wait this better be samantha other wise i have 27 pages of conversation with someone i dont recognize
  6. SAMANTHA, wait this is samantha right? O.o if this is u plz stop changing ur username!!!
  7. If you say so >.> I still think wave are pretty
  8. noooo nooo nooo my big waves aint pretty at all cuz theyre natural and theyre out of place and everything!
  9. Lol but they're pretty~
  10. interesting...i hate the big waves theyre so weird
  11. That's how my hair was like when it was layered
  12. ya ik...i have to streighten my hair or else i have these huge waves and it looks terrible
  13. Lol XD U get used to them :3
  14. its totally im not used to really short side bangs haha
  15. Yeah I saw on Fb. It looks nice, how are the side bangs working for you?
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