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  1. Hi there. I got a new RP up. Please have a look.
  2. I'm on it!
  3. That's fine. I don't want this roleplay to die. There is so much story we can pull out of it.
  4. I can post, I jsut get spoty over the weekend online.
  5. Are you busy still? I'm just checking people if they are still posting in "When the world cries".
  6. Fantastic work, and pretty much perfect timing.
  7. i'm away from home but I sketched up some lovely pics. So, I'll be traveling back in a couple days and scan those suckers in for your opinion!
  8. i've been working on something. not as much as i would like to as my little one has been sick so my extra time is limited (I post from work lol) but dont you worry!
  9. Hey there, wondering if you'd made any attempt on the flag and stuff...
    Don't worry if you haven't I'm always busy so I know it can be hard to find time.
  10. Oh I love those! My brain is working on it already *nod*

    Pink is overrated anyways
  11. The flag I'll leave to your dicretion. Symbolism maybe like an eagle..
    Colours, black? Would be my first guess.
    Uniform. Doesn't have to be elaborate but look at Code Geass black knights uniform and go form there kind of thing.
    I formally reject pink though
  12. I like the idea, how would you like it done? And as for Axion, probably lol
  13. Well we'll see what happens. I think Axion may be up to something...?
    I plan that in the coming "months" of the RP we'll establish influence in tokyo.
    If you like you can design a flag/uniform for us. Or I'll just use code geass uniform. This'll give us the sense of an actual organisation not just rebel bunch of misfits.
  14. It's a good vent! Its refreshing to see an rp like this include everyone, I have to admit. So used to seeing people get left behind or out.
  15. It's fantastic how much people are contributing.
    Maybe it's because everyone is important in the actual mission storyline.
    Everyone just wanted to give out their anger of wanting to crush society.
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