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  1. Yeah I did! Was good until I dropped something on my foot at work.
  2. Ahh, I don't really do anything for my birthdays either... Did you at least sleep well?... Lol
  3. I slept most of it away, lol
  4. I hope you had a wonderful day!... :3
  5. Thank you sis!
  6. Happy birthday onii-san!... <3
  7. It is done
  8. I need your tag# as well... Just add me, my name is xWickedNekox#3038...
  9. Name on there is Eemee I believe...
  10. I have disc0rd but I don't use it much.
  11. Ummm... I have , but I don't use it much.
  12. Hey do you have skype or disc0rd onii-san?...
  13. Ahh, sorry to hear that... :/
    Of course we would... We love you!... :3
  14. Yeah I do, but last time she said her text app was fn up... So we have been talking like.... Maybe once a week on Messenger app.

    I figured some of you would say no to me leaving, hehe
  15. Hey, I don't want you to leave either...

    Sorry you two don't talk as much... Don't you have her phone number or have her on skype/disc0rd or something?...

    Like I said before, I am always here if you need to talk... :3
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