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  1. Yeah, Dans like, 'I don't see why you're getting so stressed!' UGH! I see why people never change their name lol
  2. OMG that does sound so stressful ..... So many things to change boys get it so easy haha, but yeah im sure once thats out the way will be lovely
  3. Stressful!! It's alright for Dan as he doesn't have to change his name on anything! I've had to change my name on my passport, driving license (which I'm waiting to come back), National Insurance, PAYE, Bank, mobile phone contract and ALL my store points cards T_T Most of it is done, it's just some store cards that I don't use often I still have to do. And we had to open a joint savings account, as some of the cheques we received as a wedding gift had to 'MR & MRS' on them, and they wouldn't let us put them in Dans account even though I was there as well _
    Once everything is done, I'm sure it will be great! Lol
  4. Yeah you gave yourself enough time,,, and go you for doing that . I do worry if i find a nice dress i would cry at the price haha.. so whats it like being married
  5. I wasn't worried really. It was 80 so I could have bought something else if I didn't like it. It's a lace up back so it had a bit of leway in regards to fitting round my wide load lol. I bought it in March and took 2 weeks to come so I had plenty of time!!
    I did need to lose about 2 inches (which I did) for it to cover my back completely.
    It's not a lame thing! I would have done the same but I knew if I found a dress I really liked, I wouldnt have been able to afford it!!
  6. For ordering something from so far away it fits you really well was you worried ? i know i would be haha. Yeah i was thinking of doing that haha im not lame i swear ha
  7. Yeah I'm pretty sure you can! Just go in and ask. If they say when is your wedding day, just make up a date!
  8. Omg really thats really good ... I love wedding dresses some times i pass shops and wonder if they would just let me try some on haha
  9. Thank you :-) It was 82 from China on eBay ;-)
  10. I just read your thread your dress looked really nice and wintery glad it was a super special day
  11. Hey! Thank you :-)
    It was great thanks. Im going to make a thread and put pics up soon :-)
    Though you cant have a wedding without the police turning up!
  12. Congratulations How was your big day?
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