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  1. Any with the star!!
  2. which 3DSM rims? they have more than one you know
  3. Not a clue! It's got 14" standard on atm. Think we're thinking 15". I want Wolfrace but I think OH wants BBS (I think they're over rated!)
    My dream wheels are 18" 3SDM custom painted so they're black with a coloured outline around the star :3
  4. what sort of rims are you thinking about?
  5. Needs new ones but can't afford them atm. It's not a big crack and mot is happy with them. New year, new wheels!
  6. if one is cracked, you better see if it can be fixed
  7. Yaaaay shiny!
    I'll take a picture of the Ibizas wheels.........someone has curbed them so bad! One is cracked...
  8. I've set my signature to be a pic of one of my shiny wheelz
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