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  1. But look its all me lol
  2. hey kaga haha you didn't invade lol how are you
  3. Wow i invaded your vm lol opps
  4. Yup im good so no worries @-@ i thought we where chatting
  5. why, is everything ok. Idon't like seeing people cry, makes me wanna cry
  6. Im ok now i was crying abit this morning
  7. how is your day going Kaga. You been doing much
  8. Lol we should just chat instead
  9. I read books,watching anime,used to play video games but now im more into mobile games.and i don't go to concert.
  10. that's cool Kaga, i can understand that. What kinda hobbies do you do and do you go to concerts and stuff
  11. My Country has too many anime con for each yr but. I could go to only a few like two or three but for now i kinda stop going to anime con.
  12. my apologies. I thought you went to some of the conventions. You should come over sometime. This will be my first time doing some crew work at this convention, even tho i've only been on this a few days, i feel i've met some good friends already
  13. I'm not from london im from the philippines so im far away though im one of the assistants in this forum on general discussion section
  14. thanks kaga how long have you been involved with the anime conventions. is london the only one you go to
  15. Im good just doing my usual lurk here in the forum and chat lol and just call me Kaga
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