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  1. Haha fair enough
  2. Cause no reason lol i invaded your vm
  3. How come it is so fun to tease me?
  4. Yup and a grim reaper potato too lol its fun to tease you
  5. You're an alien potato now?
  6. Cause im a alien potato after all
  7. Yeah I see now, at first I didn't get what you meant by that
  8. Its gone all i see are stars now lol
  9. My roof!? What about my roof? :O
  10. Yusei what happened to your roof ?
  11. Yay! Yusei it is then!
  12. Ok then Yusei ^-^
  13. I go by Cece and Yusei, call me by whichever you prefer
  14. ^-^ and just call me Kaga by the way
  15. I'm quite certain we'll be!
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