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  1. aww thanks el ^-^
  2. What I really like about you is how you know how to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day, especially with the bonking
  3. lol your welcome el glad you like the gift
  4. *makes ahegao face*
    Woah, now that’s what I call a good bonking
    It must be my birthday or something......oh wait, it is! LoL

    Thank you miss ghostly potato *hugs*
  5. Happy Birthday El gives you 5 Bonks
  6. Lol i know
  7. That’s because I make it sound more naughty than it actually is lol
  8. El when i bonk you in your journal i end up laughing from the comments i read
  9. Oh take care on your way home ^-^
  10. I’m okay thankyou kaga. At work at the moment, 2 and a half hours before my shift ends and I can go home
  11. El how are you ?
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