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  1. Your welcome and i wanted to change my avatar that's why
  2. Thank You kaga. Trying to go belldandy on me well played
  3. Waa i forgot to say to you last time belated two months of our friendship fate
  4. Tickles fate then hides
  5. i gave you one whole though for the cake ^-^
  6. 3rd choice... cake
  7. fate truth or dare lol
  8. It's ok fate no worries
  9. gomen Kaga I having 1 of my episodes so needed minimize my PC usage I hope you're better
  10. Fate hi
  11. Aww thanks fate
  12. And here I was to give you choco cookies XD
  13. My gift for you for valentine's day cupcakes
  14. Lol no worries it was a good try fate
  15. wooo haunting you hmm not as fun when I'm doing it... lol
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