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  1. Aww fate you made me blush and omg i just have to edit my post here silly me
  2. Scary but you can haunt here whenever
  3. Haunts your vm awoo lol
  4. Cries sorry if my reply was weird i really need to buy a new cellphone as asap
  5. Why would i do that you when your my dear friend and your gonna spoil me with choco and thanks
  6. oh lol thats weird thought you shut down on me *leave choco*
  7. i was waiting for your reply in either vm or pm then it goes to your own vm lol
  8. Lol i had one too well yesterday
  9. curious as I just ate 1 lol
  10. Passing by to give you chicken sandwich
  11. Of course plus i was able to do a new set
  12. Glad I was of use
  13. Thanks fate for cheering me up it means alot to me
  14. Fate im back but the pm wont send my messages
  15. Are you ok though? and its fine we can chat once your up to it.
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