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  1. tks
  2. yes!

    i hope you have good family connections too
  3. its good that ur stayiing strong and yw -hugs more-
  4. *hugs back* thanks

    my family's kinda dwindled, but we're staying strong
  5. aww -hugs-
  6. sounds about like mine

    just me, my mom, my brother, and his wife

    dad's semi in the picture but not really, long story
  7. my parents and my sis
  8. sounds like good times, really

    do you and your family get along well then?

    mine's small, we don't have much family left
  9. My Thanksgiving was good went out to eat with family then came home and played games the rest of the day
  10. it was p busy honestly... had to do quite a bit and then thanksgiving popped up just like that!

    how about yours?
  11. how was ur last week =]
  12. yup yup!
  13. yup ^_^
  14. hah, we're having similar evenings then!

    sounds like good times for both of us
  15. browsing the fourm and talking to ppl =]
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