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  1. lovu lovu u 2
  2. i lub u
  3. T H I C C
  4. s u c c
  5. you know what sucks?


    you know what sucks in a metaphorical sense?

    black holes
  6. u suck xoxo
  7. waow

    what a world that would be

    perfect at fighting

    perfect at snuggles
  8. both
  9. like... perfect cell perfect? or like my pets perfect?
  10. Like, totes perfect dude
  11. how perfect are we talking here
  13. we will win guaranteed people are gonna be like "they're so gross i feel bad for them i have to vote for them" then we'll dissemble the electoral college
  14. Gross Party for the next presidential election
  15. me 2

    let's form the gross party
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