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  1. im doing all right

    and aww im sry that things have been hectic for you -hugs-
  2. so far so good and you? Just been really busy with work my general manager is gone until thrusday so it's crazy.
  3. how have ya been
  4. its been awile

    i hope your doing okay =]
  5. no prob

    and ill always be friends with you

    as long as you wanna have me around =]
  6. Hey no problemo thanks for being friends with me as well.
  7. tks for being friends with me =]
  8. i hope you also get a chance to get some rest -cuddles you-
  9. Help my do some outdoor work while the weather holds
  10. kool ^^

    any plans for ur day off
  11. Working moastly but have off tomorrow
  12. whatca been doing lately
  13. im doing all right

    and im glad your allergys are going away

    whatca been up too lately
  14. Doing so far so good outside alergies but there going away, how are you doing?
  15. how have u been doing =]
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