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  1. On where? Oh you mean steam? Did you try resetting it?
  2. I forgot my password on there. xD
  3. Alright I'll poke you there
  4. Best to message me on steam.
  5. Arrange time soon. I don't bother with things. Best to message me on Steam or Facebook.
  6. Let me know when you're free... I got a few days off
  7. Alright I will I have off tommaroo if that helps
  8. I'll make time.....

    Just hassle me.
  9. Life just sucks sometimes. I work tommaroo I'll poke you in case your on otherwise I have off Tuesday but have lunch with my dad he was in the hospital for two months but he's finally out
  10. I post as much as I am on here....
  11. If you've posted I haven't seen you but eh I'll let you know about l4d it'll be fun playing with you again.
  12. Not looked hard enough to find me.
  13. Long time no see man
  14. Oi.
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