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  1. Okay~
  2. Oh boy, lemme take this to disc.
  3. How am I..?
    I'm not sure.
  4. It was way too adorable and I gotta send her something but it'll be after Christmas, but she understands.

  5. Ahh how sweet :3
  6. I AM EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW. One of my friends just sent me the sweetest Christmas gift even though she has no money. ;_________________________; She gave me some of her extra makeup and chocolate she bought while she was visiting her BF in the UK.
  7. I suppose so!
  8. How could you not? Especially from senpai nyaaa~
  9. Headpats are the best
  10. I do enjoy a fine headpat.
  11. *pets*
  12. I know~
  13. Same person...
  14. I get it, I also hate effort.
  15. Sounds like effort........
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