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  1. All depends what me and me mates will be doing aha.
  2. Woot woot will you be attending my party saturday night on the quad at 6pm?
  3. Why, of course!
  4. Heya, you're coming to alcon again this year?
  5. I shallll!
  6. Lmaooo well get to it!! xD
  7. I can't find my big one, might need to buy another one, my small one is too small... xD
  8. Saaaame I need to pack but my mam wont get the suitcase from her room out as it is under and exercise thing and a pile of clothes xD
  9. I'm getting more and more excited
  10. We willlllllllllllllllllll wooo xD
  11. We will win!~
  12. haha cool :3
  13. Lmaoo that's pretty cool xD
    I have a Portgas D Ace hat though, if that counts xD though its quite a small fitting :L
  14. Cosplaying a team magma grunt that my ex made for me, she's going to be the female and me the male (of course) xD
  15. I have no cosplay unfortunately xD Next year for deffo though
    What about you?
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